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3 Way Adjustable Tilting Desk Mount Bracket for LCD LED (Max 33Lbs, 13~30inch) - Black
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3 Way Adjustable Tilting Desk Mount Bracket for LCD LED (Max 33Lbs, 13~30inch) - Black

Free space on your desk and gain improved ergonomics by using this Adjustable Tilting Monitor Desk Mount Bracket from Monoprice!

Using a desk mount bracket provides additional desk space by moving the monitor above the desk. It allows you to position your monitor at eye level, which reduces neck/back strain and pain from lengthy sessions in front of the computer.

This mount attaches to the edge of a desk, table, or other horizontal surface with a thickness between 0.87" ~ 2.25". It has a 14.5" jointed extension arm, which allows you to position your monitor at exactly the right height, angle, and distance. The monitor can be tilted up to ±12 degrees. It fits monitors weighing up to 33 lbs., with either 50x50, 75x75, or 100x100 VESA mounting patterns.


  • Fits monitors with VESA 50x50, 75x75, and 100x100 mounting patterns
  • Tilts ±12 degrees
  • Steel construction with welded base clamp and aluminum extension arm
  • Height adjustable from about 8.75" ~ 15"
  • Clamps to surfaces between 0.87" ~ 2.25" thick

Support Files:

Model # 5402
Type Desk Mount
Minimum VESA 50 x 50
Maximum VESA 100 x 100
Maximum Weight 33 lbs
Minimum Display Size 13"
Maximum Display Size 30"
Minimum Extension 0.8"
Maximum Extension 14.7"
Height Range 8.75" ~ 15.0"
Tilt Range ±12 degrees
Swivel Range ±90 degrees
Rotation Range 360 degrees
Construction Steel and Aluminum
Color Black
Wall Plate Dimensions N/A
Front Plate Dimensions  
Built In Level No
Cable Management No
UL Certified No
RoHS Compliant Yes

404 Reviews

82.6% of the reviewers recommend this product


Warning to Monoprice 28" 4k owners

  • Anonymous,
  •  Bellevue, WA 
  • 11/18/2015 11:45:16 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, mostly stable, VESA 50, 75, and 100mm mounting.

Cons: The desk clamp doesn't work on desks or surfaces that are less than about 1.5" thick. You'll need a piece of wood or other hard and solid object.
The included hardware DOES NOT WORK with the Monoprice 28" 4k monitor. The smallest included machine screws are too long and the spacers are the wrong size. You'll need to go to a hardware store and get machine screws that are 0.25" - 0.5" shorter.

I've bought several of these arms over the years and I like them. The stability is good enough for daily work and the setup is pretty easy.

I'm disappointed that Monoprice doesn't include hardware that works with their flagship monitor.

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Works as designed!

  • Anonymous,
  •  Cumming, GA 
  • 11/12/2015 4:21:28 PM

Pros: Price

This is a great device, I have been trying to tidy up my desk and this is a step towards doing that, just got to get another for my other monitor now!
The part of the clamp that goes around your desk is quite think. I did have my desk up against the wall, but right now it's sticking out a little, about 1/2 inch. Not a massive issue, but thicker than expected. The top and bottom are riveted together, than than being one piece.

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Poor Vertical Tilt

  • Sky,
  •  ,  
  • 10/31/2015 8:13:54 PM

Pros: Very Affordable
Lots of versatility with SOME of the adjustments.

Cons: Bad adjustment in the vertical tiltcan tilt downward vast number of degrees, but can only tilt up to about straight and there is no amount of angle up.

The price was nice at first on this monitor and it is mostly functional, however it had one deal breaker flaw with the vertical adjustment. It was nice to set the monitor higher than a traditional stand, but I still wanted some upward tilt. Without it, the monitor would either have to be unnaturally high, or it would seem to be slightly angled down. So especially if you kept the monitor low, it would seem to look into your chest. I stuffed it back in the box and pulled the original monitor stand back out. sad face.

by Monoprice Administrator
Hello Sky,

Thank you for your review and my apologies for the inconvenience with PID 5402. The mount should be able to tilt vertically and downward 12 degrees. If I may ask, does the tilting mechanism show that it is fully tilted in both positions or is it having issues when you try to tilt it vertically?

Mark P.
Tech Support Associate

by Sky
Mark, I guess my 2 sentences got pushed together. It's supposed to say "bad adjustment in the vertical tilt." Sure the monitor tilts downward, but it does not tilt upward past the neutral line. See my description above for more details. Mine's not broken, it's the way it is designed. I just can't understand why a person would ever want the monitor adjusted angled so far down. I'd be happy to send you a picture of the problem if you have a way to do that.

by Monoprice Administrator
Hello Sky,

Thank you for the information. If you would like I can edit the review to separate the sentences. Just let me know and I can get that done. You can email me the photo. My email address is

Mark P.
Tech Support Associate
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  • Stallone,
  •  South Bound Brook, NJ 
  • 10/28/2015 7:32:49 AM

Pros: Easy to setup. Comes with all the parts you need to install the VESA mount on the monitor.

Cons: The further away the monitor is from the center (read: where the vertical bar is) the more the horizontal arms sag. If you mount this to the side of your desk and extend the arm out all the way, it will be significantly sagged on the furthest side which is annoying. This isn't as much of an issue if the monitor is being pulled towards you from the vertical bar as it will only sag the entire unit down which can slightly be re-adjusted.

For the price you cannot complain! 8 out of 10 (I have no idea how they equate that to stars) only because of the sag issue with a extremely light weight 24" LCD panel attached to it. Overall it does exactly what I need it to. One feature that would be nice is if the VESA mount head rotated without having to remove the entire VESA plate itself and screwing it back in at a different arrangement.

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Good Mount with serious flaw

  • Tyler Pinkney,
  •  Chico, CA 
  • 10/27/2015 1:30:04 PM

Pros: Solid mount. Cable control built in. Easy to install.

Cons: With the arm extended, the monitor droops and is not square. The head does not rotate at all - meaning there is no way to correct the sagging of the arm. The way the head attaches to the arm is also rather loose. Two pins on the bottom wiggle a lot, while two thumb screws on the top hold it together.

I actually took the clamp off (4 screws) and bolted the back of it directly to the desk (desk was way too thick for a clamp). My monitor is well within the weight and size limit of the arm, but it sags making the monitor not square. If there was rotation in the head it would fix it, but there is not. Lifting the arm back and forth it seems solid, but it feels like the tube going into the base is loose causing the sagging. This mount would work great if it didn't sag and look so unsightly.

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