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HDMI® Extender Using Cat5e or CAT6 Cable - Extend Upto 98ft
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HDMI® Extender Using Cat5e or CAT6 Cable - Extend Upto 98ft

Use this simple and effective HDMI® extender to send High Speed (1080p) HDMI® signals up to 30 meters (98 feet) over Cat5e/6 cable!

Most extenders are small boxes, which must be mounted and which require additional cables to use. While they can usually handle longer distances, if you don't need to take the signal more than 30 meters, this simple pair of extender adapters is the right solution.

Each adapter plugs into your HDMI ports, with the sender in the source device and the receiver at the display. Then just run a pair of Cat5e/Cat6 cables between the adapters and you're in business! You won't need to provide external power - it gets the power it needs from the HDMI source device.

The adapters support up to 1080p resolutions and digital audio, including DTS® Digital, DTS-HD Master Audio™, and Dolby TrueHD™. They support up to 8-bits per channel (24-bit total) Deep Color and HDCP pass-through.

Note: The packaging for this extender is improperly printed and erroneously identifies this device as a 1x2 Splitter. This is in fact an HDMI extender over Cat5e/6 cable and not a splitter device. Updated packaging is on order and this will be corrected as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause.

Support Files:

HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.

DTS is a registered trademark and the DTS logos, Symbol, DTS-HD and DTS-HD Master Audio are trademarks of DTS, Inc.

Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

Input Video Signal 0.5 - 1.0 volts p-p
Input DDC Signal 5 volts p-p (TTL)
Maximum Resolution 1920x1080p
Operating Frequency 50/60 Hz
Video Amplifier Bandwidth 165 MHz / 1.65 Mbps
Maximum Transmission Distance 30 meters
Interlaced Resolutions (50 & 60 Hz) 480i, 576i, 1080i
Progressive Resolutions (50 & 60 Hz) 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p
External Power Supply none
Power Consumption (Max) 5W
Cat5e/6 Wiring Standard IEEE-568B
Adapter Dimensions 2 1/8" long (2 23/32" including cable boot)
by 1 7/16" wide by 27/32" thick
Cable Length 8"
Operating Temperature 0° C to +70° C
Operating Humidity 10% to 85% RH (no condensation)
Storage Temperature -10° C to + 80° C
Storage Humidity 5% to 85% RH (no condensation)
Regulatory Certifications FCC, CE


  • Up to 30 meter transmission distance over Cat5e/6 UTP cable
  • Supports up to 1080p resolution
  • Supports LPCM, DTS® Digital, DTS-HD Master Audio™, and Dolby TrueHD™ audio
  • Supports HDCP pass-through
  • 165 MHz/1.65 Gbps bandwidth
  • Supports 8-bits per channel (24-bits total) Deep Color
  • No setup required, just plug it in and start using it!
  • Uses IEEE-568B UTP wiring standard
  • Lightweight plastic construction
  • 8" cable on each adapter
  • Gold-plated HDMI® connectors

HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.

DTS is a registered trademark and the DTS logos, Symbol, DTS-HD and DTS-HD Master Audio are trademarks of DTS, Inc.

Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

119 Reviews

72.69% of the reviewers recommend this product


Works excellent ... and with CAT6 cable!

  • Patrol Captain,
  •  Robins, IA 
  • 11/16/2015 6:58:03 AM

Pros: Affordable cost, no need for expensive HDMI cables, ease of installation.

Cons: None

This product is easy to install. Excellent quality video transmission at 1080P to second and third monitors using a Monoprice, powered splitter. We used leftover lengths of CAT6 cable rather than buying new CAT5e cable as suggested in a separate review. We saved a lot of money without having to buy new cable.

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  • Anonymous,
  •  Lomita, CA 
  • 10/23/2015 11:09:16 AM

Pros: This is a great product and is a reliable solution for HDMI cables of any length of up to 100 feet. Since it is a pigtail design which includes HDMI connectors there are no additional HDMI cables required and it is a superb low cost solution for making variable length HDMI cables. We use them primarily to run the output of A/V receivers to TV HDMI inputs, when the TV and equipment are not in the same proximity. Just keep this and bulk CAT5 cable and connectors in stock and you are all set (provided you know how to terminate the cat5 connectors, or purchase pre-made cat5 cables of the desired length.

Cons: In the scenario listed above: using the 8121 out of an A/V receiver and into a TV, you WILL experience intermittent video loss IF YOU USE CAT6. (we have exclusively tested this product with Monoprice bulk cat5 & ca6 wire and connectors)

If you find yourself in this situation and you cannot change the cat6 cable to cat5, the cure is to remove the 8121 and replace it with the 6532 and two short HDMI cables. Much more expensive solution, but it will work.

Overall, this is agreat product that does what it says, solves several problems, and is reliable... IF IT IS USED ONLY WITH CAT5 CABLE.

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Works as expected

  • Anonymous,
  •  McAlester, OK 
  • 10/21/2015 7:27:46 AM

Used one of these to extended HDMI signal from a Dish receiver through a Monoprice 2port 4K HDMI splitter to reach a TV maybe 60 feet away. Everything is working as expected currently.

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Versatile and Affordable

  • David,
  •  Calgary, AB 
  • 7/7/2015 9:45:39 AM

Pros: Extraordinarily easy setup.
Versatile not easily confused. Ethernet can be adapted/re-terminated mid-line without causing too many issues.

Cons: Weight of the sender and receiver units can put strain on the HDMI port they are connected to.

I purchased this extender pair when I needed to be able to view my computer screen on a television a floor below the office where the computer resides. By connecting this at the television and at the computer, and then running a pair of in-wall ethernet cables between floors, I now have a great-looking, permanent solution, and I'm planning on expanding it further when I develop another room of the house into a media den. The ethernet I used was terminated at the wall with a typical keystone jack, with more-nicely-finished CAT5e cables running from the wall jacks to the sender and receiver units for a "professional" look. Even with six lengths of ethernet in between (three per channel), there have been no issues with signal loss.

The only reason I can't give this a perfect 10/10 is because the weight of the sender and receiver ends is sufficient to put some minor strain on the HDMI ports they are connected to. Left hanging by themselves, they are susceptible to the "male" end of the sender/receiver bending very slowly over time, especially if the ethernet cables connected are accidentally tugged. Fortunately, this is easily remedied by securing the "box" of each unit against something structural I used double-sided tape to affix one to the back of the TV, and used cable ties to bundle the unit with other large cables coming out of the back of my PC, to lessen the strain.

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Extenders do not work

  • Craig,
  •  ,  
  • 7/3/2015 5:13:46 PM

Pros: Inexpensive, but if they would work I would give them a 10!!!!

Cons: Don't work!!!!!!!

Bought with the intention of running a HDMI signal to our outdoor BBQ, as we cant run a HDMI cable due to the size of the connector, as it wont fit in our cable tube.
good thing we decided to test these things to make sure they work. We connected it to our DIRECTV box and then to our big screen TV and it didn't work, we tried it from the HDMI output on my laptop, it didn't work and then from my DVD player and again, didn't work. I find it baffling that the packaging says to use UTP cables however in reading some of these reviews it says to use STP cables. I purchased the specified cat6 UTP cables and I cant return them as the package is opened.
If anybody has some suggestions or ideas to make these things work I am all game...
I certainly don't want to buy the $100 version of these extenders but I may have no choice, as it seems a lot of people have the same issues.

by Monoprice Administrator
Hello Craig,

Thank you for your review on PID 8121. My apologies for the inconvenient experience you have faced while using this HDMI extender. Just to verify, are there any switches, splitters, wall plates, or additional adapters in this setup? Is there any signal outputting at all currently (audio or video)? What resolution are you looking to achieve?

One troubleshoot we can try is to power-cycle the setup. To do this, please power down all devices in the setup, wait 30 seconds, then power on the devices starting with the display and working your way backwards to the source (DirecTV box, DVD player, laptop). Should that not work, another troubleshoot we can try is to test the extender with short (1ft ~ 10ft) Cat cables outside of wall. This will show us if there is interference along the run (such as from any nearby electrical wiring) that may be tampering with the signal. While this extender can work with UTP cables in some setups, we strongly recommend using STP cables as they are shielded and will provide the best reliability.

Please let me know your results from there so we can best assist you with this issue. My apologies for any inconvenience and thank you in advance!

Gabby V.
Tech Support Associate

by Craig

Thank you for your quick reply!!

We did our own test by going direct with the hookups. We eliminated all plates and switches even though
once we hook everything, it will not have any switches in line with it. I did try the power up with the devices however I will try it per your instructions and see what happens.
Does it matter if we use STP or UTP Cat6 cables? As the instructions say UTP and that's what I bought.

I will let you know in the few days how it works.

Thank you again,


by Monoprice Administrator
Hi Craig,

It's no problem at all. Thank you for the additional information. For now, I recommend keeping the additional devices out (wall plates and switches) of the setup so we can best isolate what the issue may be. This HDMI extender works best when connected directly to source and display as connecting additional devices can put a greater load on the signal passing through. Since HDMI is a digital signal, it is either all or nothing. So if there is too much strain on the signal, it will not output anything at all, unfortunately.

Regarding UTP vs STP, UTP will be fine for testing purposes while trying out the short, out-of-wall Cat cables. STP is mostly recommended for longer distances or when there is a possibility of interference along the run such as when running the cabling in-wall.

That sounds like a plan! Thank you for your time and patience in troubleshooting with me.

Gabby V.
Tech Support Associate
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