Dual Band IR Repeater
    Product # 9895
    Dual Band IR Repeater
    Product # 9895
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    Dual Band IR Repeater

    Control up to four audio/video components located behind closed doors or walls in an entertainment cabinet or closet using this Dual Band IR Repeater from Monoprice!

    This IR repeater lets you store your equipment out of sight, yet still operate it with its infrared remote control. The repeater supports dual band IR signals with frequencies between 30-60KHz. The kit includes an IR receiver with a 3 foot cord, which you need to place so that you can point your remote control at it.

    The receiver then transmits the signal to the repeater, which sends it out to all four transmitter bulbs, which should be placed over the IR "eye" on each of your components. The kit comes with two transmitter cables, each with two IR transmitter bulbs and 6 foot cord.

    The box measures a scant 3.1" x 2.1" x 0.9" and has mounting holes so it can be attached to a wall or inside a cabinet. The repeater is powered by the included AC adapter (5 VDC, 0.5A) and can be expanded by adding one more receiver and three more transmitter cables.

    Note that the cables use standard 3.5mm mono and stereo plugs, so they can be lengthened by using a 3.5mm audio extension cable.

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    For the price, this works great

    • Anonymous,
    •  Blue Springs, MO 
    • 1/14/2016 3:09:23 PM

    Pros: Price

    Cons: Doesn't seem to repeat IR commands (holding the up arrow on remote only moves the selection one time)

    I purchased this unit 2+ years ago and never got around to installing it since we ended up moving. New house, new TV, new needs, and finally decided to see if this repeater worked. I am using this in my Living Room to control my HTPC, DVD, and ATV that are located directly below the Living Room in the basement. I utilized 25' 3.5mm extension cables from monoprice to connect through the wall/floor. Only the receiver sensor is in the Living Room sitting on top of my speaker bar with everything else sitting on my AV shelf in the basement.

    At this point in time, it works good enough for me and the wife is happy there are no extra wires and 20 different remotes needed to drive our TV in the Living Room.

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    IR Repeater

    • Anonymous,
    •  Larchmont, NY 
    • 12/31/2015 12:26:03 PM

    Pros: Price

    Cons: Execution

    Before installing, I bench tested this repeater and got inconsistant results. I attributed these to the "temporary" setup and decided to go ahead with the installation (through walls to A/V rack). Now, after spending time trying to troubleshoot, the unit still doesn't work.

    Here's some of the pieces used in the setup:

    a. Optimum (Sumsung) cable box - I hear these are notorious for not accepting anything but their own remote signal (and the "eye" is difficult to find)
    b. Onkyo reciever - works with just about anything I throw at it, surprised it doesn't work here
    c. Oppo Blu Ray - similar to Onkyo
    d. Pioneer DVD - older tech so not sure what to expect with this

    Currently - Power LED is on, Receiver lights occassionally, cannot verify if signal is being sent / recieved consistantly, signal from remote not affecting intended a/v units
    Have tried - batteries on remote, placement for receiver and transmitters, different wire / sensor combinations (even brands) and plug in locations

    At this point I think I'll cut my losses (have you seen the price of shipping these days?) and move on to sonmething else....

    PS I've generally had good experiences with Monoprice, but it seems the more complex the item, the higher the chance the product won't work right - and I'm not a big fan of spending 20%, 30% or more of the value of the item to send it back....

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    Extension does. It work.

    • Anonymous,
    •  vancouver, WA 
    • 12/25/2015 4:09:20 PM

    Pros: Works without extension great.

    Cons: Like the unit but when I hook to 50 extension it does not work.

    Like the unit but when I hook to 50 extension it does not work. Can you give suggestions on what to do?

    by Monoprice Administrator

    Thank you for your review and sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing. When using an extension on an IR extender it is best to use a thicker gauge cable. The reason being is thicker gauge cables help send a stronger and more reliable signal. Keep in mind that IR signals are not very strong to begin with, so you can run into signal degradation if the extension is longer on the IR Receiver side. So when you feed the IR signal through it has to run the 50ft extension before it even gets to the Repeater. Then the Repeater would boost the weakened signal and it would not be as strong as it should. If possible to use the extension on the IR Transmitter side it may work out better. If it is on the IR Transmitter side which would be the side where the source device is at then using a thicker gauge cable may work out better. I hope this helps!

    Mark P.
    Tech Support Associate

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    Cant get it to work even when the green LED light blinks upon remote signal

    • TVR,
    •  ,  
    • 12/3/2015 7:37:55 AM

    Pros: Design looks good

    Cons: Cant get it to work

    Tried both the emitter cables, all the emitter eyes aligning them correctly on the eye of the device receiver. The green LED light blinks and I assume it is picking up the signal but it doesn't seem to send it to the emitter. I have an extension cable, but that doesn't seem to be the issue here as I see the green LED light blinking. Tried changing the battery of the remote also. Need help

    by Monoprice Administrator

    My apologies for the trouble experienced with this IR repeater. One way to see if the IR signal is going all the way through is to pull up the camera app on a smartphone and have it aimed at the IR emitter. From there, please point the device's remote towards the IR receiver and press a button. If it is working properly, the signal that is sent to the emitter should show up on your phone's screen as a small light. If you do not see the light come up, can we test the setup with the other pair of emitter bulbs? Also, do you get the same results if the emitter is placed in a different port on the box? Please let me know what happens from there. Thank you for your feedback and I hope this helps!

    Gabby V.
    Tech Support Associate
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    Doesnt work with extension cable

    • Aaron,
    •  Hudson, MA 
    • 11/28/2015 7:38:43 AM

    Pros: Works perfectly as-is out of the box
    Plug and play, simple setup

    Cons: Did not work with 20' Extension cable
    Sensor eye is rather unattractive

    I was really disappointed that this didnt work with an extension cable. I have a logitech IR extender that I love, but is discontinued. The Logitech works great with the extension, so I was disappointed that this unit did not.

    Since this didnt work with the extension, I needed to mount the eye in a much less convenient space than I would have preferred, but functionally this works great if you only need to exit a cabinet, rather than go to a distant media rack

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