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Wireless Dual Band IR Remote Control Extender up to 328ft
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Wireless Dual Band IR Remote Control Extender up to 328ft

So you've got your stereo system speakers installed on your back porch and you can enjoy your music, but you can't change the volume without running back into the house and physically adjusting the volume control on your receiver, and you don't want to install a wall-plate volume control. What can you do? Why get this IR Remote Control Extender from Monoprice, of course!

This wireless IR extender converts the IR signal into an RF signal at 433.92 MHz, for transmission to the receiver unit, up to 100 meters away, through walls, doors, ceilings, and floors, or whatever. At the receiving end, an IR cable with three bulbs repeats the IR signal from your remote to up to three individual components, so you can use it up for your receiver, DVD player, and satellite receiver, for example. The extender operates in the IR range from 30 ~ 60 KHz, allowing it to process the newer Dual Band IR signals.

Note that the IR transmitter bulb cord connects to the receiver with a 2.5mm "mono" plug and has cord lengths of 39", 58", and 78". If you wish to extend this to a longer distance, you can use our 3 ft 2.5mm audio extension cable. However, if you need to extend it further, you can use a 3.5mm stereo audio extension cable. With the 3.5mm cable you will also need a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter at one end and a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter at the other end.

Support Files:

Transmission Frequency 433.92 MHz ±1 MHz
Modulation Type FSK (Frequency Shifted Keying)
Transmission Power (EIRP) 10 dBm
Frequency Accuracy 100 PPM
IR Frequency 30 ~ 60 KHz
Input Sensitivity -85 dBm (min)
Maximum Transmission Range 100 meters (clear line of sight)
IR Sensing Angle ±15°
IR Sensing Range 0.3m ~ 5.0m
AC Adapter Input Power 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 150mA
Extender Input Power 12 VDC, 250mA
Power Consumption (each) 3 watts
Dimensions (each) 4" long by 2 1/2" wide by 1 5/16" high
Antenna Length 2 1/4" to 6 5/8"

Included in the Box:
  • 1x IR Extender Transmitter
  • 1x IR Extender Receiver
  • 2x AC adapter with 74" cord
  • 1x IR transmitter cable with 3 IR "bulbs" and 39", 58", and 78" cords (2.5mm "mono" plug)
  • 1x Owner's manual

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83 Reviews

61.81% of the reviewers recommend this product



  • Benito Lopez,
  •  Star, ID 
  • 11/3/2015 2:58:28 PM

Pros: Great Product for the price and easy to set up!

Cons: None that I can think of......for the price it works great for me.. I spend some time looking at other extenders and found them to me very spending..over $100.00 mostly. So this product does the job at a very affordable price.

Love the product and glad that Monoprice is there to supply it!

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  • Dale N,
  •  Littleton, Co 
  • 11/1/2015 1:00:24 PM

Pros: Works great.

Cons: Need flat surface for transmitter. Makes it difficult to use with wall mount TV.

Does what I need.
Would be nice if there were a few options for mounting the transmitter unit.

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Didn't work

  • Anonymous,
  •  Burlington, ON 
  • 8/24/2015 10:29:52 AM

Pros: It is compact and has a polished look to it.

Cons: Never could get it to work.

Set up the extender and couldn't get it to work through the floor in my house..basement to main level. Went back to using my RCA pyramid remote extender.

by Monoprice Administrator

Thank you for your review on PID 9194. My apologies for the issues experienced when attempting to use this IR extender through floors. Just to verify, did you happen to test the units on the same floor? If so, did it work? What devices are you looking to control? Can we try swapping the three IR emitters around to see if any difference is made? Can we also test the extender with a different device (cable box, DVD player, etc.) just to further isolate what the issue may be? Please let me know so I can best assist you in resolving this issue. Thank you in advance!

Gabby V.
Tech Support Associate
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Wireless dual bandwidth IR receiver

  • Gabe,
  •  Andover, NJ 
  • 8/10/2015 11:25:45 AM

Pros: Reliable, very easy to setup, has three transmitters, great range. Excellent price.

Cons: Possibly could use a 4th transmitter if there are more than three devices to be controlled

This product is excellent for use with IR remote controls beyond their range or where the equipment, such as cablebox, AV receiver or DVD player are behind cabinet doors. With the attached 3 transmitters such equipment can be controlled from distances well beyond what a user would need. I have two of these, one for a TV, cablebox and AV receiver where the remote control is too far from the equipment for reliable control. The other controls a cablebox located on a second floor room that sends the signal to a TV in a downstairs kitchen, about 100 feet away. Both units operate reliably.

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Terrible Device. Only works intermittently

  • JJA,
  •  Plano, TX 
  • 8/4/2015 2:40:20 PM

Pros: Not sure. I set this up and it worked for 5 minutes. Then I had to reset the device, plug it back in and try again. I guess the fact that it worked for a minute or two is the pro.

Cons: Range is terrible. You have to be within 5 feet of the device for the remote signal to pickup which defeats the purpose of a wireless remote. My TV remote works across the room. Terrible experience

I was excited to get this device. I thought it would solve the problems of AV setup in my TV Room. It was more a hassle than it was worth. I had to set it up 5 times and the 6th time it went back in the box and got sent back to Monoprice.

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