California Classic Solid Body Electric Guitar - Sunburst
    Product # 610103
    California Classic Solid Body Electric Guitar - Sunburst
    Product # 610103
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    California Classic Solid Body Electric Guitar - Sunburst

    You know it when you hear it. That distinctive California Classic sound made famous by artists like Dick Dale, David Gilmour, and Ritchie Blackmore. Whether it is the surf, blues, psychedelic rock, country, or classic hard rock, this California Classic Solid Body Electric Guitar from Monoprice is the perfect axe for your daily practice and performance needs.

    This full-sized, 22-fret guitar features a double-cutaway body made of basswood, a bolt-on maple neck, a rosewood fingerboard, and chrome machine heads/tuning pegs. It uses three single-coil pickups in the bridge, middle, and neck positions. A five-position selector switch allows you to use each of the three pickups individually, while the 2 and 4 positions combine the neck and bridge pups with the middle one for that distinctive "quack" sound. A tremolo/whammy bar is included for note bending.

    Before it gets shipped to you, each Monoprice guitar undergoes a setup, tuning, and inspection process by Master Luthier Roger Gresco here in Southern California. The setup ensures that the neck is straight, the action is right, and that it will stay in tune. Additionally, it comes with everything you need to get started, including strings (installed), the tremolo/whammy bar, a heavy-duty zippered black gig bag with shoulder strap, and a truss-rod wrench.

    Body Style Double-Cutaway with Tremolo
    Body Material Basswood
    Neck Material Maple
    Fingerboard Material Rosewood
    Construction Bolt On Neck
    Scale 648mm (Full-Size)
    Weight 7.2 lbs
    Machineheads Chrome
    Pickups Single-Single-Single


    87 Reviews

    92.3% of the reviewers recommend this product


    So. Ridiculously. Good.

    • Fattytca,
    •  Lansing, MI 
    • 1/18/2016 7:27:43 AM

    Pros: Beautiful, smooth, satin neck
    22 frets
    Great action
    Stays in tune
    Nice looking finish

    Cons: Basswood body is soft and will chip/dent, etc.

    Pickguard is soft plastic and scratches instantly.

    Just had mine delivered last week and I can't walk by and not pick it back up.

    I own 7 guitars and this is right there next to my Les Paul Standard. I know, that sounds stupid because this was $89 and my LP was $2000.

    It's so nice that it makes me feel stupid for dropping that much cash on the LP, if that tells you anything.

    The finish is gorgeous out of the box. It shipped from Cali to Michigan in the dead of winter, and naturally was out of tune but definitely set up and intonated. I tuned it, and started playing right away. It has a legit Strat single coil sound. All 5 settings provide completely different tones as they should.

    I was considering trading out the pickups for some Tesla VR1's that I have sitting here, but truly, these things are totally fine.

    I have bent the living hell out of the strings and this thing is still in tune. I did 5 minutes of divebombs with the trem and it's still in tune.

    I wanted a 22 fret strat with a satin neck and American Fenders are still a little sticky in my hand, so I read some reviews and figured, why not with the Monoprice. The biggest thing holding me back was the logo on the headstock that said "Monoprice". I didn't get hung up on the brand name, but I just didn't like the look... But guess what? Now they come with just a cool looking "M" logo in gray. It looks awesome.

    This thing is my go-to axe. No question.

    I will be getting a Monoprice tele and bass asap.

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    • John,
    •  Fairborn, OH 
    • 1/11/2016 5:12:01 PM

    Pros: This is a quality instrument. Highly recommended.

    Cons: The color of the Monoprice "M". The blue color does not complement this guitar, black would be much better.

    Arrived on time and well packaged. The sunburst looks better than the picture. Set up is good. The finish is flawless. Very playable.

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    Strat clone

    • BLA,
    •  Omaha, NE 
    • 9/10/2015 7:23:47 AM

    Pros: Nice finish. Good set up. Great price.

    Cons: I don't like the feel of the strings.

    I am not a great guitar player, but I try. I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio as my main electric, but I wanted a Strat or clone to get that sound. This guitar was a impulse buy, simply because it's so cheap. It is surprisingly good for the price. It came set up well, low action, easy to play and no fret buzz. The finish looks good. Complaints? The head doesn't look like the pictures. The plastic cover on the back is thin., and I think I will change out the strings. The output on the pickups is a little lower than what I'm used to with Humbuckers. Other than that, it looks, plays and sounds like a Strat. What more can you ask for under $100?.

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    Unbelieveably Nice Guitar

    • TexasFuzz,
    •  Duncanville, TX 
    • 8/17/2015 10:35:20 AM

    Pros: Great tone, neck plays like butter, nice low action, stays in tune fairly well, extremely fast neck, beautiful finish, just a great guitar.

    Cons: Tuners could be better but are dequate. Not sure how hardware will hold up over the long run but also seems adequate.

    I bought this guitar based on all of the raving reviews I saw on here. I was looking for a backup strat for my Fender. It may end up being the other way around. I have a Fender deluxe player's strat (MIM) with noiseless pickups. This guitar literally sounds 10 times better than my Fender. Absolutely unreal how well this Monoprice strat takes effects and distortion and doesn't sound weak and "tinny" like my Fender. The neck is the best I have seen as far as playability. I haven't touched any of my 30+ other guitars since I received this. I sit and play it for hours and it is the easiest guitar to play I have ever seen. As stated, I have over 30 guitars, including other strats, several Les Pauls, Schecters, Yamaha and others. This inexpensive guitar blows them all away. There are just certain guitars that fit you and that you can sit and play for hours and thoroughly enjoy it. This is that guitar. I'm not sure why one would replace the pickups in this as they sound awesome through my Randall amp and my Boss ME-80 effects machine. I plan on purchasing another to use as a backup and am seriously considering selling my Fender...or I may slap some Lace sensors in it. Either way, this guitar is just crazy good for the money. I have never been more impressed, especially considering what it is selling for. Monoprice has really produced a quality instrument that is worth multiple times more than they are charging for it. Thanks Monoprice!!

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    The First Guitar I've Loved

    • kris,
    •  Hartland, WI 
    • 7/1/2015 5:20:03 AM

    Pros: Great price! The setup was great out of the box. Finish was also very good. Frets were perfect.

    Cons: Strings. Ick.

    I'm a middle-aged recovering drummer, and a few years back I thought it'd be great to be able to sit around the house and actually play I bought a cheapo acoustic. That lead to a nicer acoustic, then, finally, an electric - it was a B Stock Epiphone Les Paul. I wanted to try a strat-style guitar, so when this one was on sale for $65, I bought it.

    As I was looking at electrics, the advice I got was, "you'll know you found the right one when you play it." I didn't get that - until now. I love the feel of this guitar. I love the low action without buzz. The pickups are great...I play it through a Vox VT15 amp (usually in AC30 mode) with a bunch of effects. I built a fuzz pedal for the thing and it absolutely growls. It's a single-coil guitar, so anything with a lot of gain will amplify the natural hum of the pickups. I did end up gutting the thing to install copper shielding. That really did wonders for the guitar...that's not the fault of the guitar's the nature of single coil pickups.

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