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8-inch Kevlar 2-Way In-Wall Speakers (Pair) - 80W Nominal, 120W Max
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8-inch Kevlar 2-Way In-Wall Speakers (Pair) - 80W Nominal, 120W Max

Monoprice brings custom in-wall speakers to new levels of afforability with our line of Monoprice Brand Premium in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. These new high fidelity units deliver the high quality craftsmanship and construction you've come to expect from Monoprice brand products at a fraction of what you would expect to pay for them retail.

In-wall and in-ceiling speakers allow you to expand your listening environment throughout your entire home as well as remove the clutter of giant box speakers giving you back your living space. In either case it's a win-win situation for those who desire high fidelity and those who put emphasis on decor.

Kevlar cones are light weight yet extremely rigid providing very precise audio with minimal distortion normally caused by cone flex. Our kevlar speakers are matched with an equally precise silk membrane dome tweeter made of titanium fiber thread and a high quality crossover network to ensure high fidelity and low distortion. The lower distortion levels allow the speaker to be driven harder and handle higher peak power levels. The main benefit our Kevlar speakers are the clarity and fidelity at which they produce audio.


  • Light and rigid, well balanced, Yellow Woven Kevlar Cone Woofers for distortion free reproduction
  • Oversized Magnets for more impactful bass
  • Precision Titanium Silk Membrane Dome Tweeters for sweeter highs and pure sonic clarity
  • Pivoting tweeters allow you to point the accoustics to the prime listening position for a more accurate and immersive sonic experience
  • Adjustable Crossover switch allows you to match the speakers to the sonic characteristics of your listening environment and the location in which you place them
  • 80W Nomimal and 100W Maximum Power Capacity ensure that these drivers won't be overdriven or easily blown out
  • 8 Ohms Standard Impediance ensure they can be safely driven by even the most modest home theater recievers

Support Files:

Note that the price listed in the video was the price for PID 4101 at the time the video was made. Prices can fluctuate up and down based on production costs and the value of the US$ against foreign currencies.

Model 4101
Impedance 8 ohms
Frequency Response 52 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Power Handling Capacity 80 watts nominal, 120 watts maximum
Woofer Type 8" Kevlar with 30 oz magnet
Tweeter Type 1" Titanium Silk Membrane Dome Pivoting
Sensitivity 91dB ±2 dB (1.0m/2.83V)
Crossover 12dB per Octave (with -3dB, -6dB switch)
Cut-Out Dimensions 12.75" x 8.7"
Overall Dimensions 14.1" x 10"
Mounting Depth 3.5"

Package Contents:

  • 2x 8" 2-way In-Wall Speakers
  • 1x Grill removal tool
  • 1x Grill putty

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  • Craig_From_TN,
  •  Franklin, TN 
  • 11/23/2015 11:47:39 AM

Pros: These speakers surpassed my expectations. These are fantastic, and were very easy to install. Most importantly, they sound phenomenal.

Cons: Instructions could be more inclusive about painting the speakers

I will buy these again as I slowly expand my theater room. I will buy nothing else. They sound BETTER than a friend's $600/pair "name brand" speakers. My only concern (not a complaint, a concern) is that the instructions could be much more inclusive, not necessarily for installation, that is pretty straight forward, but the instructions "recommend painting the speakers prior to installation". I have never done this before, so I had to google how to do so, and the one I beta tested looks HORRIBLE. Note to all readers...DO NOT TRY TO PAINT THE SPEAKER GRILLS UNTIL YOU THOROUGHLY RESEARCH HOW TO DO SO. AIRBRUSHING WITH THIN PAINT SEEMS TO BE WHAT IS REQUIRED. If you choose to paint at a later time, it is very easy to uninstall the speakers, paint the grill and the edges, and re-install. Now that I learned about the painting issue the hard way, I would STILL buy them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Excellent speaker, price notwithstanding

  • Neil,
  •  Etters, PA 
  • 5/2/2015 1:09:12 AM

Pros: Easy Install
Excellent build quality
Great sound
Easily accepts 12 ga. wire and would, likely, take 10 ga. w/o issue

Cons: Best to run the screws through the mounting tabs once before install

So far these speakers have performed wonderfully. They get warmer and warmer with each subsequent listening session as they work through their break-in.

I chose these as they had a much better bass response then any other on-wall surround offerings from Klipsch, Polk, B.I.C. America, Infinity, etc. Eventually I will go with a sub for the rear surrounds but am not there yet so I needed something that could provide a little punch without a crutch. These certainly fill the proverbial bill. These are being used as rear surrounds with Paradigm surround-backs, Definitive Technology "power-tower" fronts and center channel in a 7.2 set-up. These speakers keep-up quite well and blend into the balance of the soundfield produced by the other speakers very nicely. The sound is not too bright and not too bland so, as others have referenced, a relatively flat response, which is great ground to start from.

Speakers/Audio are truly subjective to the audience consuming the sounds they produce. I've shied away from the "for the price" moniker for a reason...I've sat with people in listening rooms who preferred much cheaper speakers to their more expensive counterparts based simply on preference alone (i.e. - people not driven by the need to spend "x" number of dollars to get good sound). Asking if there are better sounding speakers is akin to asking if chocolate is better than vanilla. Sure, there may be better speakers that play to YOUR specific preferences. These speakers, I've found, sound wonderful...and only get better throughout the break-in period.

Will certainly buy more if/when needed as they do not disappoint.

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  • Anonymous,
  •  Derry, NH 
  • 4/11/2015 8:45:27 AM

Very good speakers,
but aren't as balanced tweeter to mids as the round 8" 4104's for playing music.

It's possible my wall mounted application effects the richness & room filling mids vs the ceiling mounted 4104's,
but the tweet in these 4101's is overpowering when playing music at the same volume as the round 4104's.

Because of the clear & dominant tweeter, they are excellent for dialog heavy audio (television/movies & baseball games on the radio),
but I would prefer a better balance towards mids for music.
I may try the rectangular 6816's in place of these at some point to see if they're more suited to my usage (75% music)

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Well worth the money!

  • Richey,
  •  Holland, MI 
  • 3/8/2015 10:32:31 AM

Pros: Price, ease of installation, sound, looks

Cons: None that I can find

We just built a new house and I didn't want to clutter up the living room with our Kenwood home theatre speakers by mounting them on the walls or having them on speaker stands like we had at our old house. I was a bit skeptical of in-walls, so I didn't want to spend a ton of money, but I did want good sound. I had looked at pyle but these Monoprice speakers had more and better reviews. Oh, and they were less expensive too.

Installation was easy. I had already run speaker wire in the walls to the locations I wanted to mount the speakers. The provided template was easy to use. I used an oscillating tool to make my cuts through the drywall. Once the speaker wire was hooked up, installation was as simple as turning six screws.

I have some 6.5" round Monoprice speakers to install in the ceiling for the rears still, but even just these by themselves sound great! I'm no audiophile, but I also don't have money growing on trees in my yard. For me, these speakers are perfect!

I just wish Monoprice talked about the crossovers in the included installation instructions.

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Decent, but not great

  • 00steven,
  •  Lynchburg, VA 
  • 3/5/2015 5:22:27 PM

Pros: Good highs, decent mids, decent lows for what they are.

Cons: Poor quality "internal" components

I got a set of these in 2012, and very shortly after, the PCB for the crossover started to separate on one of the speakers which led to failure. I didn't notice the issue until after the warranty ran out, so I'm sure Monoprice's warranty would have covered the issue had I found it sooner.

I hesitate to purchase another set due to this, but assuming you get a good set, they are decent speakers, and they look good installed.

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