120-inch, 16:9 HD Gray Fabric Tab-Tensioned Motorized Projection Screen
    Product # 7945
    120-inch, 16:9 HD Gray Fabric Tab-Tensioned Motorized Projection Screen
    Product # 7945
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    120-inch, 16:9 HD Gray Fabric Tab-Tensioned Motorized Projection Screen

    Give yourself the gift of a true Home Theater system with this Motorized Projection Screen from Monoprice!

    This screen is made from a high-quality four-layer fabric. The surface layer is embossed with PVC microdots, which produces a 0.8 gain across an extra wide 160 degree viewing angle. The second layer is made of PVC, followed by a fiberglass layer, and another PVC layer to complete the screen. The result is a smooth screen surface with a stretch rate of less than 1%. By comparison, traditional chemical treated fabric screens have stretch rates as high as 33%!

    This screen includes a tab-tensioning system, which keeps the screen taut and helps ensure that wrinkles or waves do not develop over time and with heavy usage. It can be mounted on the ceiling or on a wall and is raised and lowered using a Somfy motor with an IR (infrared) remote control. Somfy is the leading manufacturer of specialty motors, which provide ultra-smooth, silent operation and are known for their durability and long life. The screen measures 120 diagonal inches and is sized for a 16:9 aspect ratio. The package includes hardware to mount the screen to a wall.


    • Black aluminum casing
    • Motorized operation using a super-quiet Somfy motor
    • Includes IR (infrared) remote control for screen operation
    • 120" diagonal screen size
    • 16:9 aspect ratio
    • 160° viewing angle
    • 0.8 screen gain
    • Wall mounting hardware included

    Support Files:

    Shipping Note: This is an oversized item, which requires special handling. We are able to ship it to addresses within the 48 contiguous United States. We are unable to ship it to AK, HI, PR, US Territories, and international countries due to the product size. Expedited shipping methods are not available.

    Model 7945
    Screen Size 120"
    Aspect Ratio 16:9
    Motor Somfy
    Remote Control IR
    Screen Type Tab-tensioned fabric
    Screen Color HD gray
    Screen Gain 0.8
    Viewing Angle 160°
    Viewing Area 104.6" x 52.0" (2656 x 1494 mm)
    Total Screen Height 83.7" (2127mm)
    Left/Right Borders 3.9" (100mm)
    Top Border 15.7" (400mm)
    Bottom Border 2.6" (65mm)
    Case Material Black aluminum
    Case Dimensions 123.8" x 5.6" x 5.3" (3144 x 143 x 135 mm)
    Package Dimensions 140.0" x 9.3" x 8.9" (3556 x 236 x 226 mm)
    Net Weight 54.0 lbs (24.5 Kg)
    Gross Weight 71.0 lbs (32.2 Kg)
    Power Requirement 100-120VAC, 60Hz, 90W
    Warranty 1 year

    3 Reviews

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    Shipping nightmare

    • Terry Adams,
    •  Mar Vista, CA 
    • 6/30/2014 5:17:44 PM

    Pros: This is not a review of the screen. I never ended up getting it.

    I waited 2 times for 6 hours and never received my screen from the shipping contractor by UPS. There was not even a call that they were not coming after the second time they didn't show up.

    I guess the 165 shipping fee for the over size item is not refundable.

    I am disputing the charges with my credit card company, which I imagine will black list me with Monoprice.
    It was nice while it lasted, I referred a lot of people here.

    by Monoprice Administrator
    Hello Terry,

    My apologies for the inconvenience that this has caused you, also know that since this review page is for reviews on the products themselves that this review will be omitted. Again my apologies for the inconveniences and I'd really like to get this resolved for you. I spoke to our customer service department and UPS has stated they are waiting for you to schedule an appointment for delivery. I was given the 1-800-333-7400 with Tracking number 787983442. If the issue isnt resolved for you immediately I would suggest you contact our Customer Service department via live chat at https://www.monoprice.com/home/chat.asp so they can assist you promptly and or call them at 877-271-2592 so we can resolve this for you. Again my apologies for the inconvenience, and feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions.

    Jonathan Alas
    Tech Support Associate
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    WOW!! What a great product

    • brad Poulter,
    •  wilmington, de 
    • 11/29/2011 2:53:03 PM

    Pros: Affordable, excellent quality, excellent price, VERY easy to install!

    Cons: None that I can think of at this price

    This is truly a great product! I was nervous buying such a large and expensive item with only one other review, but feat not...this is excellent!

    The screen arrived at my local UPS Freight depot 7 days after shipping, which I think is pretty fast for something shipped from California to Maryland!

    The screen was packaged excellent! Not one bit of damage from UPS Freight. It was double boxed, wrapped in plastic (on the inside) and plenty of foam padding. The ceiling brackets installed in moments and the screen snaps right into them. From the time I got the item in the house, to working it took less than an hour to install!

    Just some little FYI's...
    The included trigger cable is black, not white. Personally I prefer this, but the picture online shows white, so just thought I'd mention it.
    All the connections are are the left hand side of the screen (while looking at the screen from the front)

    Included in the box is a yellow wand to adjust the drop length of the screen, thankfully my ceilings are high enough that the default FULL drop is prefect and I didn't need to play around with the drop adjustment, so I can't offer any feedback on if it is easy to do or not.

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    Pleasantly surprised by the quality

    • Shan,
    •  Portland, OR 
    • 5/19/2011 10:05:02 AM

    Pros: High quality paint finish on the screen frame and case
    Very, very easy install using innovative ceiling mounts included with the screen
    Integrated electronics for the remote and 12-volt trigger
    Excellent screen frabic provides a consistent image with no hotspotting
    Ultra quite motor (compared to my DaLite Electrol and our powered screens at work)
    Nice, muted grey Monoprice logo on screen case, rather than something flashy
    Very easy to adjust screen tension
    Excellent drop length (about 15")

    Cons: The users guide instructions on how to adjust drop are not good
    Ugly Somphy sticker on the case (easy to remove tho)
    Tension system is string based...I expected something stronger (but it works well)

    While I am a huge Monoprice fan and purchase anything I can through them, I was very nervous about being among the first to purchase their new tab tensioned screen. Spending the money to buy something sight unseen, especially when it is priced so much below their competitors, makes me twitch. In this case, the only reason I pulled the trigger is because of my terrific results with Monoprice and my faith that they will stand behind their products. And I am very glad that I did.

    Before I start, let me state that I have been using a Dalite Contour Electrol with High Power fabric for the past 3 years. I will be using this as a basis for comparison.

    The screen was shipped via FedEx freight and was very well packaged. It was double boxed and survived the trip just fine. The package included the screen, users guide, screen drop and retract adjustment tool, mounting brackets, screws, IR cable and remote and a long 12-volt trigger cable. The trigger cable was black, unlike their picture which is good for me, but could be bad for others. The IR receiver is black but the cable is white.

    The screen finish is glossy black. While I prefer the matte black, textured finish of the Dalite, the Monoprice screen looks very nice. Two screws hold the screen bottom in place during shipping, as well as a good amount of easy-to-remove packing tape. The bottom right hand side of the screen case sports a muted grey Monoprice logo, which looks very good and is about the color any home theater enthusiast would pick if no logo was not an option. The logo is painted on the case. On the contrast, the Sompy motor logo is bright and does not look very good. The great thing is that it is a sticker so you can remove it easily.

    This was by far the easiest ceiling mount projector I have ever installed. It shipped with two L-Brackets. Inside the frame of the L-Brackets are metal mounting plates with hooks that stick out and fit into slots that run along the entire length of the back of the screen case. Mounting is as simple as bolting the brackets to studs on the ceiling and then putting the screen onto the hooks. You can then move the screen left and right as needed. Nice that the brackets can mount along the entire length of the case so you can easily match them up to joists. Once mounted, there are screws on the bottom of each bracket that you tighten to lift the mounting plate and screen up into a position that locks it into the brackets. All told, it took us less than 30 minutes to unbox and install the screen. Record for me.

    One word of warning: this screen stinks and I don't mean performance-wise. I had see others mention it and, since my Dalite stunk too, I thought I knew what to expect. Wow, was I wrong. It smells bad. Plan on putting it down and opening windows to air out the room at least for 4-5 hours. It is bearable after that. Watching a movie with the fresh screen nearly gave me and the folks a head ache. The good news is the smell is totally gone after a week of moderate use.

    The screen material itself is pretty thin but seems robust. There is no bleeding of light through the screen. It has a very even finish. There is a large boarder around the edge, about 3 inches on all sides and 15 Inch for the drop on top. The tension system was not exactly what I expected. It is essentially small nylon strings that run through loops made of the same screen material down to a plastic spool on the bottom. You can turn the spool to tighten and loosen tension, as needed. Not sure what I expected, but this seemed a little less robust that I thought, but it works great, so whose to complain. The tension system also seems a little flimsy, but works great. This is my first tensioned screen so this may be normal and it in no way detracts from the rating I give the screen.

    First, I must say the Somphy motor is quiet. There is no comparison between it and my Dalite. I would say the Dalite was a noisy as a blender and this screen is about as loud as a ceiling fan. I was shocked how quiet it was. The screen material itself is a very consistent bright white with 1.0 gain. Colors look very uniform as well as brightness. I have experience zero hot-spotting with this screen, which is to be expected from a 1.0 gain.

    Overall, after 3 weeks with the screen, I am very happy with the purchase. For anyone who is on the fence, pull the trigger now.

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