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1 Port USB 3.0 PCMCIA ExpressCard
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1 Port USB 3.0 PCMCIA ExpressCard

Add a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface to your laptop with an available ExpressCard/34 slot using this USB 3.0 PCMCIA ExpressCard from Monoprice!

This PCMCIA card uses the ExpressCard/34 form factor and provides a single USB 3.0 port, with data transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps.

Compatible Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64-bit)

Support Files:



1 x Express card

1 x User Manual

1 x CD Driver


11 Reviews

53.64% of the reviewers recommend this product


Meh. Not a great product

  • Shawn,
  •  Edmonton, AB 
  • 11/25/2013 4:43:39 PM

Pros: It arrived at my door.

Cons: Slides out. Not fast.

While I understand 5Gb/s is theoretical, 18MB/s is not very impressive, especially considering the card comes out of the slot so easily.

Product needs to stay in the computer, and reach some better speeds. Otherwise, there's no benefit to this hassle. Simply using my onboard 2.0 is better right now.

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Would I buy again? No....

  • Joshy,
  •  Streator, IL 
  • 6/24/2013 1:22:51 AM

Pros: When the stars align just right and it works the speed is great.

Cons: In short, if you ever accidentally(or intentionally) eject this card from the card slot to use another card you WILL have to reboot to regain access to the card slot's resources. Not too user-friendly considering that I have accidentally unplugged the card plenty of times while trying to remove the USB device I had attached to the card.

When the stars are out of alignment, it will only mean problems... I've had this card for more than a year and I've decided the frustration has left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I figured I'd provide some info.

Issues I've had that are not the card's fault:

1. Doesn't work with ANY operating system besides Windows. Not an issue with Monoprice, but the chip manufacturer hasn't figured out that there is more than one OS on the planet. The world must still be flat... I didn't mark the hardware down for this though since it clearly says its Windows 98 through Windows y7, but is a disappointment nonetheless.
2. The expresscard slots are not designed to "grab" cards and keep them inside the computer. As such, if I plug in my USB3 flash drive, sometimes the card will push in just enough to "eject" it from the card slot rendering the device non-functional until a reboot.(see below as this is also a reason why I marked it down).
3. Just like with 2, removing a device from the card requires you to hold the card inside the slot while unplugging the device otherwise the card may be removed from the card slot(and again rendering the card slot non-functional until a reboot).
4. Drivers need to be fixed... badly. I don't think this is a Monoprice issue as much as a chip manufacturer that hasn't done their homework and made good drivers that support hot connecting devices.
5. It would be really nice if Monoprice would simply provide a link to download hardware drivers for stuff they sell on their website. Since I've had this hardware I'd like to think that the drivers have matured somewhat and I don't really feel like trying to figure out who to contact to get a link for the latest drivers. It would be even more disappointing if there weren't newer drivers with some of these bugs fixed.

Reason why I've marked down this product.
1. Any device, when plugged into this card, is not picked up by VMWare Workstation 9 and cannot be passed through. Not sure why, but I suspect it is related to the low quality drivers for this hardware. I suspect that the device isn't triggering all of the necessary flags internal to Windows to meet the requirements for VMWare to acknowledge this device as being a USB device. This is likely a symptom and not a cause of the other issues below..
2. If the expresscard become "disconnected" from the laptop, the driver will lock up internally and you will have to reboot the machine to get the expresscard slot to work again. I can even install a different device in the card slot and it will not function(until a reboot). This issue is present for all 3 of my laptops so is not likely a hardware issue. This really is a disappointment because if you are like me and use the slot for several things I can plug this card in and use it, but if I want to switch to anything else.. I must reboot. Additionally, if the card is accidentally "ejected" by issues 2 or 3 above then I have to reboot just to continue using this card. Also, if I fail to realize that the card is in the card slot until I boot up and then want to switch to a different card(and I have never had a USB drive in the card since power-on) I will have to reboot.
3. The drivers need to be updated..badly. Some issues I have identified are related to the driver not properly releasing some resources when the hardware is unplugged. The hardware uses the Fresco brand chip, and you cannot obtain any information on the drivers for this card since you(and I) are not customers of Fresco. Monoprice has simply bought the Fresco hardware and put their name on it. As such, we are limited to whatever support Monoprice provides(or doesn't provide) for this hardware.
4. This hardware, from what I can tell, should be supported with Windows 8. However, since Monoprice doesn't appear to have updated their drivers(or their website) to say it supports Windows 8 I can only assume that Monoprice isn't maintaining updated drivers for this hardware(shame on you). To have updated drivers one of two things would have to happen:
(1). You must find drivers that happen to work with this hardware. I couldn't find any that worked with this card with Windows 8 or solved any of the problems I listed with Windows 7, so the drivers haven't been fixed or the drivers floating around the internet aren't compatible. Even if you do find drivers that work with Windows 8, I'd much prefer to have official Windows 8 drivers approved by Monoprice since it is their hardware.
(2). Monoprice has to provide updated drivers for Windows 8 support by obtaining the latest drivers from Fresco and then providing them to their customers. As mentioned above, it would be really nice if Monoprice started providing the drivers for download for hardware like this that requires the drivers to operate. Windows Update will NOT find and install drivers for this hardware, so without the CD you are out of luck.

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Works briefly then looses connection

  • Ronald Hernandez,
  •  Nashua, NH 
  • 6/18/2013 12:57:25 PM

Pros: Good Speed (as long it is connected)

Cons: Looses connection frequently

Bought new Feb. 2012. Originally couldn't get these to be work at all with drivers provided. Put in drawer and forgot about them for over year. Finally got drivers that work. Tried this with two different drives, and two different USB 3.0 cables. In the middle of file transfer, you lose connection, then it immediately re-connects causing unreliable file transfer. I bought two of these at same time, and both experience same problem. Too late to return. Luckily they weren't expensive. Will try other with good review from Amazon.

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I wouldn't recommend this

  • Dave,
  •  North York, ON 
  • 2/23/2013 8:07:11 PM

Pros: 1) USB 3.0 = decent to fast speeds (depending on your computer specs) (on my Patriot 32 GB Supersonic Rage XT I have been getting about 70 MB/s for the first few seconds and then it will drop down to about 39 MB/s on my Core2Duo laptop I get the same results on my Core2Duo desktop)

2) Price

Cons: 1) Card pops out if you don't shimmy the USB cable or flash drive in slow or careful enough
2) Seems that if you push the USB cable or flash drive too fast or possibly too far then the device will lose power every 15 seconds and the Windows Explorer will close automatically

I wouldn't consider this a con but the card will stick out just a bit.

I think the below 2 issues that I've seen are somehow related to the same issue.

1) I will have Windows Explorer open, go to a folder on my 32 GB USB drive, then Explorer will close, and then Windows Explorer will open again. Then Windows Explorer will just eventually hang and the power light will go out on my USB drive.

2) After a minute of copying files from my USB drive to my computer, the light will go out on my USB drive and the copying process will just hang.

I really want to like this card but it's hard to recommend a product like this to anybody. I would just stick it out with USB 2.0 ports.

I have noticed that if I slowly shimmy my flash drive into the USB port (making sure that the card doesn't eject out) then it seems to work well.

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Express card not so express

  • wilson yeung,
  •  orlando, fl 
  • 2/15/2013 8:37:23 AM

Pros: Received the card as informed. packaging was good. The card fits great in my sony vaio. easy to install

Cons: sticks out a bit. when inserting my CORSAIR 64 gig usb 3 stick in, it pushes the express card out. So I need to reinsert. Just a little annoyance.
Initial d/l speed of a 10 gig movie from usb to lap top was great 70 to 65MBps but for the first.. gig of data.. then drops to 10-27 Mbps. tested on girlfriend Lenovo laptop with built in 3.0 connection. stayed on the upper 70 mbps easily

I wish the express card didn't "pop" out of its place every time I insert the flash drive in. I would recommend it because it is decently priced but because the transfer speed it not reliable, I would suggest something else. Unless it is just the one I received. I give it a 5. If 1 is crap 10 is awesome.. this is right in the middle until it gives me maximum transfer speed. If this is how it performs.. then I may just drop it to a 3 because it is not truly a use 3.0 transfer.

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