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Spiral Wrapping Bands - 25mm x 1.5m (Black)
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Spiral Wrapping Bands - 25mm x 1.5m (Black)

This spiral wrapping band is perfect for organizing and protecting your wiring and cables. It helps eliminate accidents that can be caused by loose cords and provides a neat appearance for any entertainment system or office setting. The spiral wrapping band not only protects cables from abrasion, but allows breakouts of single or multiple cables for re-routing or replacement.

Included with each band is a clipper guide (aka Spiral Wrapping Tool), which allows the cables to be easily pulled through the spiral wrapping band, as shown in the video below. Please refer to the video below for an excellent visual demonstration of exactly how to use and install this reusable spiral wrapping band.

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It works

  • Anonymous,
  •  West Gardiner, ME 
  • 8/23/2013 8:58:48 AM

Pros: Included tool makes all the difference. Hides all the cables into one big cable that looks good.

Great cable management tool.

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Nice Bands

  • Angerson,
  •  Ogden, UT 
  • 8/5/2013 9:22:36 AM

Pros: Easy to install. Makes cables look so much better. Easy redo if you add more cables.

I had zip ties covering my cables and it looked really bad. This band just goes right over my line of cables and looks so much better. It is so much cheaper than the wall kits too. I don't mind one big single line coming down from my tv. I think it's better than the giant wall plate that is obviously meant to conceal cables. I've changed cables a few times already and this is really easy to pull off and recover.

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great product

  • paintman,
  •  kent, OH 
  • 11/9/2012 4:45:11 AM

Pros: this product is well designed and very easy to use

Cons: none

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Excellent cable management solution.

  • Corey Robinson,
  •  Lewis Center, OH 
  • 8/29/2012 6:47:39 AM

Pros: Free cable feeder is a nice addition.
Rugged plastic, not thin and cheap like other spiral wraps I've used.

What good are high-quality video cables without good cable management? I've used many forms of cable management from many different vendors and there is definitely a difference between quality cable management products and ones that only serve to frustrate you. If you build yourself a nice computer and take the time to buy some quality cabling for it, don't be that guy that has his wires dangling out in the open. Take the time to manage those cables, you won't be disappointed in the results.

I have four MonoPrice video cables and two monitor cables running through this 25mm spiral wrap and probably couldn't squeeze another cable in there if I tried. MonoPrice video cables are a little thicker than your average, cheap-o video cables so keep that in mind when selecting a spiral wrap diameter.

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Wrapped tight

  • Dunewolf,
  •  Owosso, MI 
  • 6/19/2012 1:30:25 PM

Pros: The Spiral wrapping bands are good for covering wires up and bundling them together.
Easy to trim to size with simple angle wire cutters or even scissors, or razor knife and other sharp bladed instruments.
In short this diameter covered 1coax, 1Cat6, 1xHDMI-DVI,1xspeaker cable and a 2.5mm to RCA cable.
The wire guide tool clips onto the wires, and opens the wrapping to cover the wires.
Its very easy to remove or add wires or remove wires.
Reusable (unless cut to specific lengths)

Cons: They do not offer longer lengths of this, as I would like to order in lengths of 6m or more on a spool or something for "long runs"

I first purchased 1 of these to see if it would work for some puppy proofing the wires I had running along a wall. I ended up buying 2 more of this size because it was so good and covered several thick wires in one bundle.
The wrapping performed better then I expected, the puppy left the "big" snake alone and only chewed a smaller wire that wasn't bundled instead. Your mileage may very since this is not an actual preferred use for spiral wrapping.
I also purchased the smaller diameter wrapping for more cable wrapping fun behind my PC and at my entertainment center.

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