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2-Gang Wall Plate for Keystone, 8 Hole - White
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2-Gang Wall Plate for Keystone, 8 Hole - White

Wall plate for use in conjunction with gang box and keystones. Use appropriate keystones to create a nicely finished, professionally installed look for Ethernet networks or Home Theater interconnects. Eliminate that cluster of wires and hide them behind a wall.
* Some keystone ports will not fit next to each other when using modular RCA flush type keystones, RJ12 and RJ45 keystone inserts.

*Monoprice continually strives to improve its product line to bring our customers the best products available. Therefore, changes may be made to listed specifications without prior notice. Item received may not match photo or specs shown.

The color indicated can vary in tone and/or hue between production runs and manufacturing facilities.  The color of this item may not be an exact match to any other product, even if they are indicated as being the same color, whether sold by Monoprice or any other vendor.  Individual pieces may also vary very slightly in color from each other.


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Made it fit - Sand the sides

  • Rubix,
  •  Katy, TX 
  • 11/21/2015 6:27:43 PM

Pros: Fits in the regular 2 Gang

Cons: Cat5/6 will not fit side by side

As every other reviewer has said the cat5/6 keystone jacks will not fit side by side,its a big design flaw, don't know why Monoprice is selling it when they know cat5/6 jacks wont fit side by side, I sanded about 1 mm of the inner wall of both the jacks to make them fit, the jacks now fit easily side by side. . I had no other choice but to make this thing work or live with a blank gang on the wall. and yes the jacks still work.

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Doesn't fit ethernet side by side, nothing more to say

  • Anonymous,
  •  Sylmar, CA 
  • 10/25/2015 11:10:48 AM

Pros: You get what you're expecting after reading the reviews.

Cons: Can't fit ethernet side by side, these are much tighter than the 1-Gang plates, so beware. Unless you have like 4 coaxial or hdmi keystones, this thing is not useful at all for ethernet keystones. I bought one of every 2-gang keystone plates monoprice has, the only one that cleanly fits ethernet is the 4-hole.

You need to buy your own 6 wall plate screws, either 1/2 inch or 1 inch, because as others have said, the screws that come with it are not long enough (they're only 1/4 inch). They stick out only a millimeter or two after passing the wall plate and the keystone insert.

The keystone insert does not sit completely sturdy in the wall plate, it has a minor degree of bend to it when touching it or plugging stuff in.

No idea why they included wood screws, complete waste, don't try to use them at all or you'll risk damaging the threads on the plate.

I don't know enough about standard wall plate screw positioning to comment on it other than to say it fit in my particular case, but if it's helpful to anyone I just measured the distance between the two screws as exactly: 3 and 13/16 inches.

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  • Anonymous,
  •  ,  
  • 10/4/2015 7:35:02 PM

Pros: Fits single CAT6 Keystones and pared with other types of cables I suppose that are not CAT6

Cons: Cannot fit CAT6 Keystones side by side that Monoprice sells

I really wish Monoprice sold complete solutions. I felt they were close, but when it comes to fitting a double gang of 8 CAT6 keystone jacks, I was sadly disappointed. At first I thought maybe I ordered the wrong part, but when scouring their lists of keystone wall pates it appears they just do not have everything people want.

by Monoprice Administrator

Thank you for your review on PID 6835. I truly apologize that this wall plate did not work out for your application. Please keep in mind that the following is noted in the description:

* Some keystone ports will not fit next to each other when using modular RCA flush type keystones, RJ12 and RJ45 keystone inserts.

For our punch down keystones, the largest wall plate we carry that would be able to fit them side-by-side would be our 6 hole plate, PID 6733:

However, if truly unsatisfied with the wall plates and keystones, I can help setup an RMA for a return. If you wish to proceed, please let me know and I will get that started. Thank you and I hope this helps.

Gabby Villa
Tech Support Associate
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Good quality, limited use

  • Anonymous,
  •  Portland, OR 
  • 8/1/2015 12:21:09 PM

Pros: Price
Build quality

Cons: Spacing (decora inserts)

As others have said, because this plate uses 2 decora inserts, there is very little space between adjacent holes - many keystone jacks will not fit side-by-side. I expected this problem with RJ45 jacks, but was surprised to find the same problem with Toslink and HDMI. It's a big design flaw, but there's little to be done about it given the limited width of a standard decora insert.

Ultimately, I went to Amazon for a solid double gang plate with evenly-spaced holes. It was a lot more expensive, but it's what I needed (for the record, it worked great with Monoprice keystones). Monoprice, please make a double-gang plate without the decora inserts!

by Monoprice Administrator

Thank you for your review on PID 6835. My apologies for the inconvenient experience you have faced while using this wall plate. I will submit a complaint regarding the fit issues with HDMI and Toslink keystones so our product team can look into this matter further. I am truly sorry for any trouble this may have caused, however thank you very much for your feedback. Should you have any questions or need assistance with anything else, please feel free to let me know.

Gabby V.
Tech Support Associate
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Needs proper screws...

  • Anonymous,
  •  Conne River, NL 
  • 4/29/2015 9:49:44 AM

Pros: Quality item. Looks good and works good - with the limitation noted in the description

Cons: THE SCREWS!!!!
Cannot fit the RJ45 plugs side by side and Monoprice doesn't offer an 8 port solution.

Great item. I used it to install network, satellite and speaker connections behind a TV. Worked perfect, until we had to actually mount the plates. The machine screws to hold the cover to the keystone mount are great, but the ones that hold the keystone mount to the wall box aren't made for this purpose. These are wood screws and should be machine screws as well. Machine screws are included with almost every other plate that Monoprice sells... why not these?

I wish Monoprice had an alternative for these for when you need to mount ethernet jacks side by side. I had to resort to eBay to find a decent 8 port 2-gang keystone wall plate to finish up an install with 8 orange RJ-45 ports in a single 2 gang location.

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