12x9 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet
    Product # 6815
    12x9 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet
    Product # 6815
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    12x9 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet

    Graphic tablets aren't just for artists anymore!

    A graphic tablet can be used as a substitute for a mouse, replacing a less natural movement with the more natural movement of the pen on the paper, thereby reducing the chance of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), like carpal tunnel syndrome. Of course, it also makes any drawing type of activity, including embedded signatures, simpler and easier to accomplish. Graphic tablets are also great for kids, allowing them to unleash their natural creativity into a form that is easy to email to grandparents and other relations.

    This high-quality tablet from Monoprice is priced just right, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of a graphic tablet. It includes several software utilities, such as PenSigner and PenMail, which allow you to use handwritten signatures and emails in your daily correspondence, adding a personal touch to what is usually thought of as an impersonal medium.

    Easy to install and use, once you try one you'll wonder how you ever got along without one!

    Note that the included software is not compatible with Mac® OS X® at all, while some are only compatible with Windows® 2000/XP.

    Support Files:

    Apple, Mac, and OS X are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

    Microsoft, Windows, and Vista are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

    Active Area 12" x 9"
    Resolution (LPI) 4000
    Report rate (RPS) 200
    Pressure Sensitivity 1024
    Dimensions (WxD) 15 1/8" x 14 1/8"
    USB Cable Length 53"
    Operating Temperature +41° ~ +104° F
    Operaing Humidity 10% ~ 85% RH (no condensation)

    Package Contents:

    • 1x Graphic tablet with attached 53" USB cable (USB A male)
    • 1x Pen stand
    • 1x 5.25" CD with drivers, manuals, software
    • 1x Quick Reference Guide
    • 1x AAA battery
    • 5x Spare pen tips

    Included Software:

    • Annotation for Word - Mark up word processor documents in freehand (compatible only with Windows 2000/XP).
    • PenCommander - Run any program or menu command using simple motions (compatible only with Windows 2000/XP).
    • PenSigner - Insert signatures or simple drawings into documents (compatible only with Windows 2000/XP/Vista®/7).
    • PenMail - Compose and send handwritten e-mail messages (compatible only with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7).
    • PenNotice - Capture screen shots and annotate documents in Microsoft Office or Microsoft Whiteboard (compatible only with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7).

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    • zach henson,
    •  Austin, TX 
    • 9/28/2015 9:33:13 PM

    Pros: Worked with Windows 7.

    Cons: Pressure sensitivity in Photoshop non existent in Windows 8 and Windows 10.

    I had to jump through hoops uninstalling drivers and redownloading new ones but eventually I got it to fully function in Photoshop in Windows 7.
    I've upgraded to 10 and have zero pressure. The Penates software indicates pressure sensitivity functions however no pen tip pressure in Photoshop CC 2015 under Windows 8.1 and 10 64-bit.

    by Monoprice Administrator
    Hi Zach,

    Thank you for your review on PID 6815. I am truly sorry to hear about the trouble experienced with pressure sensitivity when using Windows 8 and 10. If I may ask, can we try going into the brush settings on Photoshop to ensure pen pressure is set? To do this, please click the Window tab at the top then select Brush. Once the new window pops up, go to the Shape Dynamics tab then set the Size Jitter drop down to Pen Pressure. Should the option not be available, please try closing out Photoshop then open it back up with the pen itself. Sometimes Photoshop does not recognize that the tablet is connected when opened with a mouse. I have experienced this with other brand tablets as well. Last, we may want to try plugging in the tablet to a different USB port.

    If it is still not working, please verify a few questions for me so I can best look into this matter with you. First, when installing the Penates drivers on those OS versions, did you do so in compatibility mode for Windows 7? Was the tablet plugged in at all before installing the drivers? Also, do you happen to have any other tablet drivers installed (even other brands such as Wacom)? Please let me know and I would be happy to further assist you in resolving this issue. Thank you in advance!

    Gabby V.
    Tech Support Associate
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    Monoprice 12x9 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet

    • Seawolf,
    •  Longmeadow, MA 
    • 9/26/2015 8:39:40 AM

    Pros: Works well as described
    Excellent for freehand graphics and tracing work
    Well packaged
    Good online support

    Cons: Documentation could be better

    I installed this tablet as instructed as soon as it arrived and *** PHUT *** no action. I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers with no success and disappointingly left it until I had more time to mess with it. A firmware update download fixed the problem and everything lit up and worked brilliantly with Corel Paintshop Pro, Xara Designer, MS Paint and MS Office.

    If you're looking for an inexpensive tablet for freehand work I would definitely recommend this.

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    • Anonymous,
    •  ,  
    • 8/29/2015 5:19:02 PM

    Pros: Very nice tablet, works great

    Cons: A few issues when installing drivers, fixed now
    After upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 the tablet no longer works.

    The cursor is stuck in the bottom left corner constantly right and left clicking when I move the pen around the tablet. Help would be greatly appreciated.

    by Monoprice Administrator

    My apologies for the issues experienced after upgrading to Windows 10. Please see the following link for the most up-to-date drivers for this tablet:


    For Windows 8 and above, I recommend installing version 20141212 within the Penates tab as those drivers have provided the best results. However, I have seen a couple setups that worked better with Penates version 20150204. Since these drivers do not support Win 10 at this time, I suggest running the setup file in compatibility mode. After you have downloaded the drivers, please right-click the .zip file and select "Extract All". Once done, it should automatically take you to the extracted folder. From there, please right-click the setup application file and select Properties. In the new window, go to the Compatibility tab then select a previous Windows version (I recommend Win 7 since that worked on your system previously).

    Also, please ensure that the tablet's USB cable is not plugged in during the installation. It will be okay to plug it back in once the drivers have fully installed and the computer has been restarted. Please let me know your results from there so I can best assist you in resolving this issue. Thank you!

    Gabby V.
    Tech Support Associate

    by Anonymous
    Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it. The tablet is currently working problem free.
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    Windows 7 x64 Change the USB port after driver installation

    • Kent,
    •  Honolulu, HI 
    • 8/4/2015 4:12:00 PM

    Pros: Large, sensitive, accurate, good feet

    Cons: Driver installation is hit or miss. Pen is a turd.

    I jumped on this when the price hit the 60s. And like so many others, I was getting frustrated with the driver installation. I tried something in one of the reviews, which was to simply change the USB port the tablet was plugged into while doing the driver installation. Eureka! The tablet has been rock solid in Photoshop and Manga Studio.

    The details: This product can't make up it's mind as to what comes first... plug in or install drivers. A big note inside the box said to plug the tablet in BEFORE installing drivers. Then the manual says to install drivers first. Then half the reviews say tablet first and the other half say drivers first. I don't think it makes a difference what you do first. The only thing that mattered in my case after doing two clean installs on two seperate machines was to change the USB port after the driver installation.

    The bottom line is that this tablet works good and is a hell of a deal once you get it working. That is if you are using the $10 pen from Monoprice. I have no idea how the pen that came with it works. The design is so lame, I broke the metal contact prong thingy seperating the two halves. Come on, who makes a pen that doesn't unscrew to take it apart? The OEM pen is a friction fit affair that requires precise alignment of an invisible notch that gets caught on the battery holder so that even if you knew what to be ware of you still have to break the damn thing to change the battery. And the rubber sleeve bunches up worse than a tube sock with worn out elastic. But the tablet is awesome. Just get an extra pen.

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    Works fine, but I got some questions.

    • ACMcGee,
    •  ,  
    • 7/29/2015 8:43:59 AM

    Pros: The tablet has a great price for the the size it is

    Cons: Pen seems to lag every time I'm using it in Photoshop CS6 I also can't seem to get the pressure sensitivity to work.

    So far I'm loving the tablet, but I need help figuring some things out. One the tablet is lagging while I'm using Photoshop CS6. At first I thought I made the image size too large. But when I try the tablet out in Paint tool Sai with the same image size and resolution, I was still getting lag. It was just not as bad. This might a problem with the tablet instead of the solfware. I don't know if there's any fix to this issue but I would love any help if anyone has a solution.

    by Monoprice Administrator

    Thank you for your review on PID 6815! One way we can check if the pressure sensitivity is working at all is to test it within the tablet settings. To do this, please open up the settings by clicking on the tablet icon within your task bar. When the settings window pops up, please click on the Pressure tab and draw within the testing area. If it is working, I recommend opening Photoshop with the pen itself rather than the mouse as that can sometimes help. You may also need to adjust the brush settings by pressing F5 within Photoshop, selecting Shape Dynamics on the left-hand side, and ensuring that the Size Jitter drop down is set to Pen Pressure.

    In regard to the lag issues, what OS version is your computer currently running? Is the tablet being used with a desktop or laptop? Does this only occur when Photoshop or Paint Tool Sai is open? Also, can we try testing the tablet in a basic drawing program such as Paint to see if the lagging persists? Please let me know your results from there so I can best assist you with resolving these issues. My apologies for the trouble and thank you in advance!

    Gabby V.
    Tech Support Associate

    by ACMcGee
    Thanks for replying

    My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1, and I'm using a laptop. I can't seem to find the tablet settings you're talking that's on the taskbar. All I get when I plug it in is this flick icon and nothing else. Here's picture of my taskbar if you want to see it: http://1drv.ms/1LZDbq0

    I aslo tried opening Photoshop CS6 with the tablet pen itself and tried adjusting the brush settings. The lag issues still occur.
    Oh and I tested the tablet in Paint and there's no lag problems there.

    by Monoprice Administrator
    Got it. Regarding the lag issues, is the computer a laptop or a desktop? Also, just to verify, if you press the little arrow to the left of the Flicks icon, is the tablet icon still missing? If so, it sounds like the drivers did not install properly unfortunately.

    Oftentimes, Windows 7 will automatically install drivers when the tablet is first plugged in. If this happened, that may be the issue as those drivers can conflict with the actual tablet drivers. To disable the automatic updates, please type in "change device installation settings" into the Windows search bar and click the option that pops up. In the pop up window, select the "No, let me" option, next choose "Never install driver software from Windows Update", and save the changes.

    Once that is done, please uninstall all tablet drivers currently installed on the computer (including any third-party ones if applicable, such as Wacom), disconnect the tablet, restart, and then install the latest drivers which can be found here:


    After the drivers have fully installed, please restart the computer one more time and plug in the tablet. From there, hopefully the tablet icon should appear. Please let me know if that works or if the issues still occur. Thank you for your patience in troubleshooting with me!

    Gabby V.
    Tech Support Associate

    by ACMcGee
    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that your instuctions worked.

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