Select Active Series High Speed HDMI® Cable with RedMere® Technology, 60ft
    Product # 9173
    Select Active Series High Speed HDMI® Cable with RedMere® Technology, 60ft
    Product # 9173
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    Select Active Series High Speed HDMI® Cable with RedMere® Technology, 60ft

    Reliably connect your home theater equipment to greater distances than with passive cables using this Select Active Series High Speed HDMI® Cable with RedMere® Technology from Monoprice!

    This High Speed HDMI Cable supports the following general features:

    • Active signal regeneration to ensure accurate reproduction over longer distances
    • 10.2Gbps data throughput
    • CL2 in-wall fire safety rating
    • 28AWG copper conductors
    • Gold plated connectors

    It supports the following HDMI features:

    • 1080p resolution at 60Hz
    • 4K resolution at 24Hz
    • 3D video
    • HDMI Ethernet Channel
    • Audio Return Channel
    • Deep Color up to 16-bits per channel
    • x.v.Color™
    • High Definition Audio, including SA-CD, DVD-Audio, DTS-HD Master Audio™, and Dolby TrueHD™

    Note that Active HDMI cables are directional. Check each end for markings indicating whether it should be connected to the source or the display device. Connecting them backwards will not hurt anything, they just won't work until connected properly.

    Note also that only one Active HDMI cable should be present in any single cable run, even if using a switch, splitter, or matrix. Connecting multiple active HDMI cables in series will cause them to fail to reliably transmit the video signal because each is trying to do the same thing.

    TIP: It is a good idea to test cables and connections before installing them inside a wall. If there are any issues or problems, we can help you resolve them before you spend the time, effort, and expense of installing them inside the walls.

    HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.

    RedMere is a registered trademark of Spectra7 Microsystems, Inc.

    x.v.Color is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

    DTS is a registered trademark and the DTS logos, Symbol, DTS-HD and DTS-HD Master Audio are trademarks of DTS, Inc.

    Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

    73 Reviews

    90.55% of the reviewers recommend this product


    Works perfectly

    • John Oliver,
    •  Escondido, CA 
    • 1/17/2016 11:16:40 AM

    Works exactly like you would want a cable to work :-)

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    HDMI Cable

    • Jim,
    •  N Scituate, RI 
    • 10/14/2015 6:44:20 AM

    Pros: Good quality cable.

    Cons: Is uni-directional.

    Thought all HDMI cables were bi-directional. This one is not. Using to hook up a video feed in a remote location it was clearly marked "Source" and "monitor". But not one for reading directions I messed with it for a 1/2 hour before I figured it out!!! That's on me. The cable is excellent quality for the price.

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    • Anonymous,
    •  Franklinville, NC 
    • 9/30/2015 5:09:21 PM

    Pros: Design and description.

    Cons: Failed after 12 months in operation

    Design and promise are outstanding. Worked great for 11 months...failed at 12 months.

    by Monoprice Administrator

    Thank you for your review and truly sorry to hear PID 9173 has failed on you. If I may ask, can you describe the issues experienced with this cable exactly? Such as, has it stopped sending a signal completely, is the video working but not audio, etc.? Also, if you would like, I can help setup an RMA for a replacement. We offer a lifetime warranty for our cables and obtaining the replacement would be of no additional cost to you. If you wanted to proceed with the RMA, please let me know and I can get that started right away. My apologies again for any inconvenience and I hope this helps!

    Gabby V.
    Tech Support Associate

    by Anonymous
    Thank you for the response. The exact issues experienced with this cable was that it worked fine for 11 months and then nothing. No video at all. I switched-out cables at the source and no problem with the source. I switched-out cables at the reception end and no problem with the receiver. The only thing remaining is the cable between the source and receiver. I don't have another cable long enough to run between source and receiver...that's why I bought the PID 9173 in the first place.

    by Monoprice Administrator
    Got it - thank you! Do you happen to have the order number for this cable? If unable to locate it, I can find it with the email address used upon checkout. From there, I will be able to setup the replacement for you. As a side-note, if the email address is provided, I will hide that reply so it is not displayed on our site.

    Gabby V.
    Tech Support Associate
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    Great Product!!

    • Jeffrey Porter,
    •  Ada, MI 
    • 9/3/2015 11:17:29 AM

    Pros: Works flawlessly.
    Cable more bendable than traditional HDMI
    Great picture resolution

    Cons: None

    I have my Dish receiver remotely located approx 50ft from my Samsung LCD. Six years ago I ran Cat 6 cables and used the monoprice product that allows HD signal to be carried over Cat 6. This worked well except that the Cat 6/extender product could not carry a full 1080 picture. Because of the Redmere technology, I was not able to run an HDMI cable (60 ft) to replace the Cat 6 system. The picture clarity has improved with this upgrade and I can now play a Blue Ray disc at full 1080p. The perfect solution at a great price.

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    Good for most use cases

    • Anonymous,
    •  Dorchester Center, MA 
    • 8/24/2015 9:13:03 AM

    Pros: Long cable runs
    Lightweight for a cable of this length

    Cons: Won't work with a few devices
    Not compatible with recent 4K displays (HDMI 2.0)

    For most combinations of source and display, Redmere cables are an effective solution. A 60 foot cable run is often unreliable if done with standard passive cables, so this is a good choice. Redmere cables with HDMI 2.0 capability (4K at 60Hz, etc) are not yet available, so look elsewhere if you need that.

    Redmere cables must be powered by the device they are plugged into. A few HDMI sources do not provide power and will not work with a Redmere cable. (My ARM-based Samsung Chromebook is one example the Cox cable box mentioned in another review is probably another.) Any connection that involves a DVI adapter or DVI-HDMI cable at either end will not work, as that interface does not supply power. (DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort do provide power, so this cable should work with adapters from those.) Small tablets and the like with Micro HDMI outputs also often do not supply power, so connecting the Redmere cable through a Micro HDMI to regular HDMI adapter will fail. MHL adapters for phones may or may not supply power.

    So why does inserting an HDMI switch in the chain make it work? Because the switch supplies power (if it has a power brick or can get power from another HDMI signal source), so there is no longer a need for power from the signal source.

    All that said, the most common use cases (connecting a Blu-Ray player, a TiVo, or most HDMI-capable laptops to a TV or projector) work well. This cable is a real problem solver when you need to get video across a large room - for example, from a podium to a conference room projector, or setting up a large home theater.

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