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25ft High-quality Coaxial Audio/Video RCA CL2 Rated Cable - RG6/U 75ohm (for S/PDIF, Digital Coax, Subwoofer & Composite Video)
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25ft High-quality Coaxial Audio/Video RCA CL2 Rated Cable - RG6/U 75ohm (for S/PDIF, Digital Coax, Subwoofer & Composite Video)

This Digital Coax Cable is made from premium quality RG-6/U with double copper braid shielding to prevent signal degradation caused by EMI and RFI interference. This cable is ideal for conducting S/PDIF digital audio signals and other high-bandwidth content, but it can also be used for composite video and other line level RCA signals.

The CL2 rating on this cable indicates that the jacket has been treated so that it complies with fire safety regulations, making it safe for use through or within the walls of residential class buildings.


  • Gold plated RCA male connectors
  • Rubber-covered, molded connector housings
  • 97% pure oxygen-free copper conductor
  • Double shielded with copper braiding
  • 22 pF per foot capacitance
  • 75 ohm impedance

161 Reviews

95.96% of the reviewers recommend this product


Great cable, great price, fast shipping

  • Anonymous,
  •  Rancho Santa Fe, CA 
  • 11/6/2015 2:07:16 PM

Pros: This high quality 25 ft. RCA cable works great as my subwoofer cable. Flexible enough to be used in tight spaces.

Cons: None

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Great cables

  • shinner,
  •  Lakeland, FL 
  • 11/5/2015 8:52:53 AM

Pros: Great cables, work just fine.

Cons: none

Great cables, fast ship, work just fine.

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coax cable for subwoofer

  • Anonymous,
  •  Kuttawa, KY 
  • 9/2/2015 8:09:20 AM

Pros: Excellent quality cable.
Very fast shipment, which helped a lot.
Was pleased with all the optional cable lengths. We have to go up into the attic and back down to connect to subwoofer.

Perfect quality and pricing for our entertainment center.

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Excellent cable at an unbeatable price with super fast shipping!

  • D&M,
  •  Staten Island, NY 
  • 8/24/2015 9:39:38 AM

Pros: Improved sound quality!, Unbeatable Price!, Excellent Length!, Excellent Quality!, Very well made!, Sub no longer Humms with this cable!, Fast shipping!

Cons: NONE!

First off, this was our very first purchase here at Monoprice, and it sure won't be our last purchase here, with so many good, high quality items for sale that we really need, and can use, and at really great, real world people affordable prices!!

Second, the price of this cable was almost unbelievable and is unbeatable, we know, we looked EVERYWHERE in many stores and online for a suitable cable for our Sub and found nothing even remotely close to this type of quality at these prices!!

Third, even if the shipping was a bit high for just one cable, the cable still got here in only TWO DAYS, and even though the box was crushed and mangled to death (postals fault we're sure), the cable was perfectly fine and intact!!
NOTHING ever gets to us in only TWO days whenever we order anything from anywhere!

Fourth, the quality of the cable is outstanding!
We've paid a lot more for lesser cables in the past that weren't even close to being this well made!

Fifth, The sound quality coming from our 6 year old 200watt Yamaha 10" powered sub has been greatly improved all around with this new cable, as opposed to the old El-Cheap-O cable we were using, and that cheapo one was only 16 feet long and cost $25+ at a local store! Now our sub is exactly where we always wanted it to be but could never reach previously, thanks to the extra length of this cable!
Plus our Sub's standby now works! We didn't even know it did that!
Also, our sub no longer has the annoying HUMMMMMMM that it's always had, and it also now thumps harder with much lower, deeper, warmer, fuller bass at lower volumes!

A lil' FYI We are all musicians here in our home, from pro recording and touring vets like my hubby and myself, to our "beginner" kids, and Hubby is also very completely serious audiophile nut when it comes to quality and sound. We all use, and sometimes, abuse a lot of audio and video cables each and every day here, so we certainly do know good from bad, and Monoprices cables are the real deal as far as superior quality goes ,and at better prices than anywhere else!.
No, we are NOT paid to rave about Monoprice's item quality, their super high quality speaks for itself!
So If you need a new cable or want a great cable upgrade but think, "Hey, at these prices, the stuff must be MIC crap!!", Think again! This stuff really is high quality and not some made in China garbage!
Plus the screw on/off terminal covers make it easy should you ever have the need to fix an end, as opposed to cables with one piece molded plastic ends that are irreparable!
You guy's rock! Thanks again Monoprice!

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For Subwoofers

  • Texas Al,
  •  Lake Jackson, TX 
  • 8/20/2015 7:10:46 AM

Pros: They work. The connectors are well finished and match well with other connectors and wall plugs, giving an improved appearance over OEM cables. The shielding seems to work, although I have not had a problem with line noise in my setup. The price and delivery time are very good for this length of cable (25 ft).

Cons: Not any, really. Perhaps I could have used a shorter cable, but this length gives me some flexibility.

A cable is a cable, and should work well and look good. These do. I have two subwoofers on the same system, and both have this cable.

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