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15ft Premium 2 RCA Plug/2 RCA Plug M/M 22AWG Cable - Black
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15ft Premium 2 RCA Plug/2 RCA Plug M/M 22AWG Cable - Black

Despite the introduction of more advanced audio and video signal cables, such as HDMI® and Toslink, most audio and a large number of video connections still use the common RCA connector.

This is a premium two-channel audio cable made of RG-59 75 ohm coaxial cable. The cable uses a 22AWG conductor and is shielded to prevent EMI or RFI interference from entering your audio system. The connectors are gold plated, for smooth connections and to prevent corrosion. Each connector head features embedded, color-coded rubber rings to ensure a firm grip when installing or removing the cable.

HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.

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Good Quality RCA Cables For Cheap

  • only126db,
  •  roscommon, MI 
  • 10/10/2015 1:53:38 PM

Pros: These are inexpensive, sturdy and have very good shielding.

Cons: A little stiff, but not too bad. If you order some now and more later the jacket colors may be off a little.

I bought these for a mobile audio system, I liked the fact that they were cheap. I didnt have high hopes due to the price but once they were in hand I was surprised. The RCA ends are of decent quality, firmly secured, color coded and once installed in my system I noticed no negative issues with radio interference. I have purchased three sets, two were from a couple years ago and one recently. The only complaint I have is the set I just received had a slightly different jacket color than the other two. But like I said it has been a couple years since my first order so due to supply changes it is to be expected. If you need RCA cables for very tight spaces you may want to look at a different set, these do not flex a lot just after the connectors but you should be able to arc them into a circle about 3.5-4" round if you really need too.

Can you get better for the price? I doubt it
Would I buy more? YES
Would I recommend them? Yes

My experience with audio is not professional, just a hobby, but every car I have ever owned I have installed systems in (except 2) and I have owned over 20 in my life and been at it since the 80's.

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  • James Harris,
  •  Jacksonville, FL 
  • 5/31/2015 3:59:46 PM

Pros: perfect

Cons: none

just what I was needing thanks

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  • Anonymous,
  •  Tifton, GA 
  • 2/10/2015 9:12:15 AM

Pros: Nice, heavy duty cable!

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Just Right

  • Anonymous,
  •  Washington, DC 
  • 1/4/2015 8:52:35 PM

Pros: Fits perfectly for me.

Cons: None

I bought the 15 foot cable and a Y-splitter adapter from Monoprice to connect my Yamaha Home Entertainment system to the Monoprice Subwoofer. The single end of the Y splitter attaches to the Yamaha with no problem, while the Monoprice cable in question only connects to other Monoprice equipment. Not too tight when connecting to other Monoprice RCA connections.

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  • Ebrad,
  •  Orlando, FL 
  • 11/19/2014 9:09:24 PM

Ive been shopping on monoprice for close to 8 years now and this is the first time I have ever received a bad product from them. Everything in the past has always been quality but when I purchased these 15ft RCA cables I was deeply disappointed. first they didnt work that was a first from this site secondly they were ungodly stiff. Will I shop with them again yes but I will read the reviews on my product and keep a eye on monoprice from now on. Im watching you.

by Monoprice Administrator
Hello Ebrad,

Thank you for your review and truly sorry to hear about the issues experienced with PID 5348. Unfortunately, it appears as though you may have received a defective cable. If you would like, I can assist you in obtaining a replacement or a return RMA if truly dissatisfied with the purchase. We have a lifetime warranty on cables and obtaining a replacement is of no additional cost. If you want to continue with an RMA, please let me know if you would prefer to return the cable or obtain a replacement. Thank you!

Gabby Villa
Tech Support Associate
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