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Mini Headphone Amplifier for Guitar - "Tube Overdrive"
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Mini Headphone Amplifier for Guitar - "Tube Overdrive"

As a musician you know you need to practice regularly to hone your skills and learn new songs. However, you can't always break out the amps and crank up the volume. For those times when quiet is required, you can both practice and hear the amplified output from your instrument using this Mini Headphone Amplifier for Guitar from Monoprice!

This amplifier is designed to provide amplification to the output of instrument level devices, such as electric guitars and bass guitars. It features a 1/4" TS plug, which plugs directly into your instrument's output. It is powered by two AAA batteries (not included) and has a 3.5mm TRS output for listening with headphones.

An additional 3.5mm TRS auxillary input is provided for connecting another audio source, such as an mp3 player. The audio from the Aux jack is mixed with the audio from the guitar so you can play along to an existing recording.

This amplifier produces a "Tube Overdrive" sound with distortion and delay reminiscent of Classic Rock performances. The amplifier includes analog Gain, Tone, and Volume controls.

Note: The distortion effect that this amplifier produces means that there will necessarily be some background hiss/noise, even at normal volume levels. If you listen to the amplifier without it being plugged into a guitar, the noise level can be loud and pronounced. However, when it is plugged into a guitar the signal returns to a desirable noise level for playing.

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Neat little toy

  • yep,
  •  Stoughton, MA 
  • 8/31/2015 6:09:07 PM

Pros: Size, price, fun factor

Cons: Flimsy, noisy build quality. No reverb.

So I know a little a bit about guitar amps, and about amp-emulators. Our studio has real, hi-wattage tube amps from the likes of Vox, Fender, Marshall, Mesa, Orange, Peavy, etc. I have also been dabbling in amp emulators and "little amps" from the days of the original Rockman and Pignose, through the micro-Marshalls, right up to Pod HD, ReCabinet, etc.

This little guy sounds best with the gain and tone up high. It sounds a lot like a cheap version of the diode-rectification on a Marshall JMP (which is probably exactly what it is). I am guessing that the only concession to cabinet emulation is probably a simple HP/LP filter circuit.

The lack of any reverb or room-sound makes it hard for this little guy to sound anything close to "realistic" amp-emulation. But it's still kinda cool and fun to play with. Build quality is cheap and flimsy.

It is worth the $12 I paid for it.

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Great value

  • Andy,
  •  Blue Ash, OH 
  • 8/8/2015 11:00:20 AM

Pros: Sounds great (when working), extremely portable

Cons: Pops out of jack while playing, the control wheel for volume is crazy sensitive and keep your cell phone away because the signal from your phone can be heard like when you put your phone close to cheap amplified speakers

This thing is really cool. Why pay 40 dollars for the amplig from vox? The tube simulation is pretty spot on. Output can be very very loud depending on your headphones. This one doesn't fit so well on my 1/4" jack but if I dont move at all while playing all is well. Pick it up if you've got 12 bucks laying around, it even comes with batteries!

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  • Anonymous,
  •  Toronto, ON 
  • 4/6/2015 11:16:13 AM

Pros: they work

Cons: everything else

All the dials use the wrong kind of potentiometers. The result being that the 'usable' range of the dials is about the first 10% and the rest is too loud or sounds too similar. The dials have no indication of which way to dial them, so the first time you use it, you will probably destroy your ears with volume. They go ridiculously loud (and not in a good way), and given that most of the range of both the tone and gain dials is unusable, the ability to get a decent tone is nearly non-existent.

I wasn't expecting much for $12, but it would have been nice for them to at least be built with appropriate parts. All three of these amplifiers exhibit the same issues.

by Monoprice Administrator

Thank you for your review and truly sorry to hear about the issues experienced with PID 611502. I will submit a complaint regarding the dials for our product team to take into consideration. We appreciate your feedback! For now, if truly dissatisfied with the amplifiers, I can assist you in setting up an RMA for a return. If you wish to proceed with the RMA, just let me know and I can get that started right away. My apologies for any inconvenience and I hope this helps!

Gabby Villa
Tech Support Associate
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  • Karloncho,
  •  Milpitas, CA 
  • 9/20/2014 12:48:12 AM

Pros: Really fast shipment.

Cons: I received 2 (the same) items, the first ONE did not work at all and the second one it is working just fine!

The first One "Mini Headphone Amplifier for Guitar" was damaged or something, did not work at all, but they send me really fast the second one which works just fine! Plus I did not have to pay for shipment or anything. Overall I like the product, does what they say will do !

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great for practice

  • Dan Lessert,
  •  Carrollton, TX 
  • 7/21/2014 11:42:14 AM

Pros: sound is good, function is compact and easy to use. pop a battery in and you are good to go. nice to be able to walk around and play with a distortion

Cons: control knobs are hard to read, especially when playing

great piece of practice equipment, in the few weeks i have had it i haven't plugged in my amp at home yet.

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