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Cable Management Kit - White
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Cable Management Kit - White

Make your cable runs look like they were professionally installed with this professional Cable Management Kit from Monoprice!

Each raceway in this cable management kit is a hinged plastic enclosure, that latches on one side, making it easy to open to insert, remove, or manage installed cables. When closed, the raceway measures 11/16" between the latch lip and the edge of the hinged side. Vertically, it is 1/4" at the edge and 3/8" at the top of the dome. Under the latch lip, there is a space about 3/16" x 3/16".

The raceways and connectors are white plastic and can be painted to match your walls or decor. Each raceway has adhesive foam tape attached to the back side for easy installation onto a clean, dry surface, including slightly uneven surfaces. The raceways can be easily cut down to shorter lengths using a hacksaw.

The kit includes four long (30") and four short (9.25") raceways, plus a variety of connection covers to fit almost any circumstance. Additional connection covers are available separately (use the links below).

Included in the Package:
  • 4x MP-CMP01 30" cable raceway
  • 4x MP-CMP02 9 1/4" cable raceway
  • 1x MP-CMP03 "T" connection cover (PID 8278)
  • 2x MP-CMP04 "L" connection cover (PID 8279)
  • 3x MP-CMP05 straight connection cover (PID 8280)
  • 1x MP-CMP06 outer corner connection cover (PID 8281)
  • 1x MP-CMP07 inner corner connection cover (PID 8282)

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186 Reviews

75.27% of the reviewers recommend this product

  • John Weston,
  •  Victoria, BC 
  • 11/24/2015 10:40:41 AM

Pros: Cheap, decently clean lines.

Cons: Sticky tape fails quickly.
Connecting bits aren't the same white as conduits.

Like many others have said, the backing tape isn't great has started to separate from the wall on three of my 8 sections after about five days (just drove a few screws through it into the wall to fix, is fine). Also the connecting bits the corners and Ts and straights aren't quite the same shade of white as the conduits themselves.

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  • Ry,
  •  Vancouver, BC 
  • 11/9/2015 8:00:03 AM

Pros: Looks way better than the chords hanging, plus you can direct them around to a better spot.

Cons: Could be a bit bigger, can only fit 3 of my chords comfortably.

Easy to install with the sticky back, keep my cables hidden, plenty of parts included. SO GEWD!

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Cable management

  • Richard Cohen,
  •  Minetto, NY 
  • 10/18/2015 10:05:31 AM

Pros: The items are well made and install easily.

Cons: The adhesive initially held but a day later they came off the wall. Save yourself some rework and pin the ends in place with small nails.

Overall I gave it a 7 because of the problems with the adhesive.

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Does the Job

  • Alex,
  •  Chicago, IL 
  • 10/15/2015 12:08:18 PM

Pros: Works well. Able to fit two HDMI cords, PS3 slim power cord, and a directTV power cord within one sleeve.

Cons: ADHESIVE. Just like everyone else says.

These work great. Ended up scraping the adhesive of and used 3M Velcro to mount it on the wall. Recommend that you guys sell them without the adhesive already applied, if you want to include it, that's fine just have it included in the packaging, not already on the sleeve.

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Slim, Neat & GREAT value period!

  •  jersey city, ny 
  • 9/27/2015 10:09:31 AM

Pros: Lots of different elbows and extensions included, can fit at least 1 ac size power wire & 2 hdmi cables in there. I have heard that that the tape that holds it to the wall does not last long but I always insert 2-3 screws in my installations to the wall so I will never know.

Cons: None unless you are trying to run more than 4 wires in there.

These are my favorite moldings to use because they are so slim & neat but they will only fit 3 cables comfortably which is usually never a problem when I do installs because I usually only send down 1 heavy duty power cable. I can sometimes squeeze a skinny optical cable n there with the other 3 wires.

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