Cat6 Plug Solid W/Insert 50U 100pcs/Bag
    Product # 7266
    Cat6 Plug Solid W/Insert 50U 100pcs/Bag
    Product # 7266
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    Cat6 Plug Solid W/Insert 50U 100pcs/Bag

    RJ45 connectors for Cat6 Solid cables.
    Cat-6 connectors are made to higher standards that help reduce noise caused by crosstalk and system noise.
    Crimp on RJ45 connectors with inserts for holding wires in place.
    Gold plated contacts
    Clear plastic housing.
    For Solid wire cables.
    Click the following link for an installation guide:
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    141 Reviews

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    EXCELLENT Cat6 connector with a little bit of practice!

    • shojus,
    •  Grand Rapids, MI 
    • 8/1/2016 2:47:08 PM

    Pros: CHEAP and readily available at several different places. High quality connector with inserts that make it almost impossible to NOT line the wires up properly.

    Cons: The connector does not bite down good enough IMO, and may come unattached over time if not careful.

    I'm not sure why so many people have rated this so low? I understand that some people get used to using certain products but this connector is SIMPLE as pie to use and makes for a very nice finished connector! I literally watched a video and read the instructions and have been installing them flawlessly ever since. Maybe you need to post a video so that the less knowledgeable people can understand how this product actually works... The insert is genius and the only thing I see as a very small potential problem is where the connector bites down on the jacket of the cable, it may come loose over time if some type of boot isn't used to protect the connector from being constantly bumped.

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    Awesome Design

    • JARED,
    •  San Clemente, CA 
    • 7/29/2016 6:27:52 PM

    Pros: All

    Cons: None

    These are the best RJ-45 plugs I have ever used. Don't listen to the cons of others. The separate inserts are a time actually a time saver.

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    Great plug

    • Anonymous,
    •  orem, UT 
    • 6/12/2016 3:37:10 PM

    Pros: Easy to use. Looks great.

    Cons: I wish it worked better with the monoprice boots.

    First off if you follow the guide here it works great.

    Easy to use and I love the separate piece it makes installation very easy.

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    Take getting used to but work fine if you know the tricks

    • MindWanderer,
    •  Fremont, CA 
    • 6/1/2016 12:55:32 PM

    Pros: Do in fact work
    Easier to get to the TIA/EIA standard of less than 1/2" of untwisted wires than normal connectors, once you get used to them

    Cons: Significant learning curve
    Monoprice's instructions are terrible
    Clip needs to be coaxed out in order to hold the plug in place

    The worst part of these connectors is the instructions. They're outright wrong in places and miss some critical elements. Here's what I'm doing to get them to work:

    1) Strip the insulation and cut the spline out as normal. An inch of exposed wire is the bare minimum I recommend leaving about 1.5 inches when you're starting to learn how to work with these.
    2) Untwist and straighten the wires as if you were going to use a standard non-insert connector. Make sure the tips are all completely flush, side by side. It's best if you can leave them a little twisted near the insulation
    3) Because the blue wires cross over, the tips won't be at the same length. Trim them even now, again as if you were using a connector without the inserts.
    4) Slide the insert over the tips. The fat end should be on the inside, toward the insulation, and the lip on the fat end should be on the "bottom." In other words, if you're holding the cable in front of you, with the exposed wire pointing upwards and the brown wires on the right, the fat end should be on the bottom with the lip facing you.
    5) Slide the insert down the wires, making sure all 8 wires are going inside. You won't want to smash it down all the way down to the insulation, or else you won't be able to fit it in the connector. You can hold it up to the connector for comparison as long as the insulation goes far enough into the connector to get crimped down, it's close enough.
    6) Trim the wires again, right down to the edge of the insert.
    7) Insert the insert into the connector and crimp down.
    8) Pull the locking tab away from the body of the connector. The connectors ship with the tab all the way against the body of the connector, which means that when you insert it into a plug, nothing holds it there. If you overextend the tab away from the body first, it will click into place as normal.

    That said, I'm not convinced this is an improvement over the standard non-insert connectors I'm used to, though granted I've done only Cat5e in the past, which is much easier to work with. If I have to order more, I'll compare the two types.

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    No good

    • Paul,
    •  Dover Plains, NY 
    • 5/9/2016 8:53:23 AM

    Cons: No wire channels built in
    Do not hold sheathing when crimped

    These plugs come with a bag of inserts but do not work. I was not able to make a working cable with these because the wites do not seat properly in the plug even with the inserts. I have 100 percent success with plugs that have wire channels built into the plug. They also do not hold the sheathing when crimped down.

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