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Recessed Pro Power Kit w/Straight Blade Inlet White
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Recessed Pro Power Kit w/Straight Blade Inlet White

Use this recessed pro-power kit with straight blade inlet to install power and low voltage cables behind your flat panel TV, your amplifier/home theater receiver, or other audio and video devices to your equipment room or at the location of your head end equipment.
Most local fire codes do not allow high voltage stranded power cables to be run behind a wall.  Therefore it is a violation to simply run your standard power cords through the wall.  Power cables for in-wall application should be solid core specifically designed for that purpose. Having an electrician come out and tap your electrical system to install an additional output behind your wall mounted display can be costly. This kit allows you to utilize an existing electrical outlet and bridge the power to your desired location. One plate is installed behind your equipment and the other along side an existing outlet. You connect the two plates together with some solid core power cabling you can find at your local hardware store. Then you plug your equipment into the extended outlet and use the included patch cable to connect the plate near your pre-existing outlet into the powered outlet. You can even plug in an electrical surge suppressor and/or line conditioner in between the powered outlet and the local input plate to provide cleaner, safer power to your equipment.

This kit includes two plates and one 6ft straight power extension cable.
Faceplate is 5.25" wide by 4.5" tall. Recession in the rear of the plate is 2.5" at it's longest point.
*The color indicated can vary in tone and/or hue between production runs and manufacturing facilities.  The color of this item may not be an exact match to any other product, even if they are indicated as being the same color, whether sold by Monoprice or any other vendor.  Individual pieces may also vary very slightly in color from each other.
ETL Listed
Conforms to UL standard 514C

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Just What the Home Theater Doctor Ordered

  • Miker,
  •  Westlake Village, CA 
  • 10/19/2015 11:32:00 AM

Pros: Avoids having to tap into existing electrical circuits. You don’t even have to turn the electricity off. Easy to install, easily accommodates a surge protector, and looks great. Overall I think this is a huge time saver and a brilliant product for the home DIYer.

Cons: With the bottom plate installed correctly (in line and same orientation as the top plate), I found it impossible to push or pull an HDMI cable through the bottom plate. And since I had three cables to run, I gave up and turned the bottom plate upside down. It was still difficult, but much easier. I think the bottom patch cable hole needs to be re-engineered.

Be careful tightening down the screws that secure the faceplate to the wall – don’t use a power drill or driver, do it by hand. I broke both of the anchor clips on the top plate using a battery powered driver. Luckily I had a spare 1 gang old-work box whose clips I was able to fashion onto the top plate.

What I would like to see is a 1 gang stand-alone power plate or the option of using keystone jacks on the patch cord side. It would look a lot cleaner, but I understand their motivation to keep it simple and maintain a one size fits all approach.


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Nearly idiot proof

  • GBot,
  •  Royal Oak, MI 
  • 10/7/2015 11:41:05 AM

Pros: Clean, professional grade product.

Cons: Had to go pick up some 12/2 romex from the local big box store, but since everyone's needs will be a little different, I can't fault the company for not providing it.

The instructions say the product gets mounted between studs (for a retrofit, not a new construction). So I figure, hey this little box looks like the other little box in my wall which was nailed to a stud, so I'll just make my hole immediately adjacent to the stud. Nope, this won't leave you enough room for the little tabs that rotate out to stabilize the mount when you tighten the screws. In summary, yes the product gets mounted between studs in your wall, BUT LEAVE AT LEAST A 1/2 INCH GAP FROM YOUR STUDS, OR IT WON'T WORK AS DESIGNED. The first box I put in is a little wobbly, the second one I learned from my mistake and did it right, so it's rock solid. Learn from me.

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Better than expected results!

  • Dave Fuller,
  •  Tucson, AZ 
  • 8/4/2015 6:47:28 PM

Pros: Great Design
Easy Installation
Crowd Pleaser

Cons: None*
*except, the complaints from other buyers, who do not fully comprehend the reason for the lower portion of the kit being oriented in the manner described previously.

I've been an installer for more than 18 years, and only a few years ago... I found you guys. These Recessed Pro Power Kits really sell themselves. From the cut-in style plates, to the intuitive lower part of the kit, And, the price is right! I found exactly what I needed.

There are many satisfied customers for whom I've installed, who are so grateful that we were able to completely hide all of their wiring inside the wall.
When estimating a job, I usually add 3ft to the length of my connections, because I know that I need to feed the cables up through the bottom, and I want to leave "slack" in the wall

A note to other pro installers: It may be to your advantage to carry a 25-50ft box of box of Romex... just sayin.

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  • Anonymous,
  •  ,  
  • 3/10/2015 5:51:05 AM

Pros: This product is great at hiding wiring and makes it more convenient to connect a tv above a fireplace to not only the surround sound receiver, but to a surge protector as well. When wired in the wall properly, the opening for the hdmi cable is roomy enough for other cords. When only the hdmi cable is present the opening is spacious enough to allow the cable to move freely for televisions hanging from swiveling wall mounts.

Cons: For the price paid on this product, I feel as though at least 15 ft of 14/2, 14 gauge standard electrical wiring should have been included. Instead, another $5 to $6 has to be added to cost because this wiring must be purchased separately. I also found that the dry wall supports on the face plates break very easily. I was still able to make it work because the supports on the boxes seemed to be more sturdy.

Over all, when it comes to this product, I feel as though the pros out weighed the cons because with a little extra help from the local hardware store it still suited my needs and got the job done.

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Good Product, but needs re-design

  • Jeff Etter,
  •  Spring, TX 
  • 2/23/2015 6:13:09 PM

Pros: Complete kit that comes with two line voltage existing work single gang boxes for the power side of the plate. Easy to install.

Cons: There is a serious flaw in the design. The power side of the plate is not aligned from top to bottom plate. This means that your 120v power line and all your AV cables have to cross each other behind the wall. The kit should be re-designed to swap either the top or bottom plate so that the power and AV section align vertically

It was easy to install this kit, you will need a section of romex 120v cable to connect the power outlets, but the kit does include the 120v back boxes. Once installed it is a paint to fish cables in the AV pass through because the power and AV "swap" sides from top to bottom. Not only is it difficult to pull cables, this also means that your AV cables are crossing/touching the 120v power romex cable. While I don't think this is a real issue, it could cause some signal interference. Had i realized this I would have purchased separate power/AV pass through products.

by Monoprice Administrator

Thank you for your review and truly sorry to hear about the issues experienced with PID 4652. Please note that when installed, the cutouts for pulling through AV cables should both be facing down. So looking from the front, the power should be on the left and the cutout should be on the right. It can be a bit inconvenient to run the cable from underneath the bottom wall plate, however this is to help prevent dust and dirt from falling out of the wall and onto your floor or possibly your equipment. My apologies again for the trouble and I hope this helps!

Gabby Villa
Tech Support Associate
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