USB 2.0 4-Port Cube - Black
    Product # 10065
    USB 2.0 4-Port Cube - Black
    Product # 10065
    Color : Black
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    USB 2.0 4-Port Cube - Black

    Do you need more USB ports for your laptop, game console, or USB charging solution? This USB 2.0 4-port Cube from Monoprice is the perfect solution!

    This 1.2" cube hub features four full-sized USB A female ports. It attaches to the USB host with an included 29" USB mini-B cable. The hub is primarily designed to be used as a passive hub, however it does have a DC connector, so can be used with an AC adapter (not included).

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    Misled by listing

    • Ronald Beyers,
    •  Los Angeles, CA 
    • 9/7/2016 7:57:54 PM

    We all know Monoprice has fantastically cheap products which often come at the price of bare-bones description. This is on of the times I've fallen victim to those (lack of) descriptions. I purchased this thinking it would be a good solution to my wife and I fighting over the two power outlets we do most of our charging on. From the shape, I thought it plugged into the wall and charged four USB devices. Not so. This is a USB hub which can connect four devices to a computer or Playstation or whatever. However, it is not power so charging more than one device on it takes quite a lot more time. Also, it requires yet another charging cable and an adapter, so your charging station ends up having even more wires than before.

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    there small and black

    • Glen Hinckley,
    •  Plano, TX 
    • 2/2/2016 4:29:20 PM

    Pros: there small and black

    Cons: Crap shoot as to when or if they work bought two one the either the USB port is bad or the cable. Could not find a power supply that actually works with them.

    buy something else

    by Monoprice Administrator
    Hi Glen,

    Thank you for your review and my apologies for the delayed response. Just to verify, are both of the chargers purchased failing to work or only one? Have you tested them with another cable to see if the issues persist? What about another device? Please let me know and I would be happy to further assist you in correcting this matter. Or, if quicker assistance is needed, please feel free to contact our product support team either via live chat or phone at 877-271-2592.

    Gabby V.
    Tech Support Associate
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    Great little hub!

    • HisRoyalGeekness,
    •  Kapolei, HI 
    • 1/31/2016 9:57:04 AM

    Pros: Very small and lightweight. Power jack for optional powered use. Vertically positioned ports work well with wide USB devices (they don't block adjacent ports).

    Cons: Wish it had a power light, but that's a minor gripe.

    Awesome little hub! I've had it for quite a while now and it has performed flawlessly.

    Note, it is not a powered hub out of the box. It will work fine for connecting low-power or self-powered devices. Total power draw on a passive hub should not exceed 500mA for all 4 ports combined.

    If you need more than that, then you'll need to add a 5V DC power adapter that's rated at 2A at least (preferably 2.5A). And even then, it will only supply 500mA per port, so it won't work with devices that need more current, like many tablets and some phones that can require 2A or more to fast charge.

    I have used this hub in both passive and powered mode with good results. It just works. Windows & Linux PC, PS3, Raspberry Pi, even tested it on my Android tablet (w/OTG cable). Pretty awesome, especially for the ridiculously low price. Currently using it (with an optional AC adapter) to connect my Deck Legend keyboard, Logitech G402 mouse and a Fiio USB DAC (with one port left for the occasional flash drive, etc.).

    Let me take a moment to clear up a common misconception about USB hubs. Most USB 2.0 hubs are NOT designed to charge high current draw devices like tablets and smart phones. Even if you have a high current output port on your computer, the hub will not pass the power through to your device. 500mA per port is the USB 2.0 specification for power that most hubs follow.

    If you want a hub for charging high current devices, then I suggest a dedicated multi-port charger like Monoprice item 10240. Or at least look for a hub that is spec'd for high current charging. These are not.

    Hope this helps someone.

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    Useless as a powered hub

    • Tyler,
    •  GOLETA, CA 
    • 12/22/2015 12:12:52 PM

    Pros: - Works fine unpowered
    - Can power up to two devices (such as a wireless mouse and keyboard) without external power in my experience

    Cons: - Can't handle three or more devices (such as wireless mouse, keyboard, and USB drive) without external power in my experience
    - Adapter needed to supply external power is a non-standard size that is impossible to find

    I purchased this specifically for the powered capabilities, and it has disappointed. Unpowered, it works fine (hence I awarded an extra star). However, it is completely useless as a powered adapter. The specifications of the required adapter aren't included in the item description, but according to monoprice's reply in the review section here, the adapter should be 5V, 2A, and have an outer diameter of 3.5 mm and an inner diameter of 1 mm. Such an adapter does not exist anywhere that I could find. I checked all local electronics stores, as well as Amazon and Google, and 3.5 mm x 1 mm adapters are not a standard size that is sold. Monoprice could have made this hub to work with a standard size adapter (e.g. 3.5 mm x 1.35 mm), and it would be a 5 star product. No wonder they don't list the specs of the needed AC adapter on the product description.

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    Terrible Product

    • Anonymous,
    •  Glendore, CA 
    • 6/23/2015 9:41:38 AM

    Pros: Small, light

    Cons: Poorly constructed, unreliable.

    This little cube USB hub literally fell apart in my hands when I plugged a USB cable into it. The green cover came away from the black end pieces. So I held it together and plugged in all the cables, only to discover that only two of the four USB ports worked. All-in-all, it is a terrible product. For the price, it was not even worth returning.

    by Monoprice Administrator

    Truly sorry to hear about the issues you have encountered with PID 10067. Would you be able to send a photo of the cube? Have you tried different USB cables for the ports or connecting to different devices? Does the issue remain? Please let me know so that I may further assist you.

    Gisselle B.
    Tech Support

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