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      Professional Modular Crimps, Strips, & Cuts Tool
    Professional Modular Crimps, Strips, and Cuts Tool with Ratchet
    Rating 9
    This tool is designed with 8 position punches. For crimping the ordinary 8P8C plug. This kind of 8P plug without ... more info
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      Tool Kits
    Professional Coaxial Tool Kit
    Rating 9
    -          Ratchet Hex Crimping ... more info
    Professional Networking Tool Kit
    Rating 9
    -          Crimp Tool for 6P/8P ... more info
    Professional Waterproof Connector Tool Kit
    Rating 9
    -          Waterproof Connectors Crimping Tool F Connector ... more info
      Tone Generators
    SOHO RJ-45 and BNC Tone Generator w/ Terminator Storage
    Rating 10
    Whether your cables are in Soho, New York, Los Angeles, or Timbuktu, the Monoprice LanSOHO 200 Cable Tester will be ... more info
    Tone Generator w/ Probe Kit
    Rating 9
    The Monoprice Pro LAN Tracer/Toner is a professional tool used to test and troubleshoot RJ11 cables and individual ... more info
    Tone Generator with Probe Kit
    Checks for line breaks, opens, shorts, and cross connections Pin-to-pin cable mapping ... more info
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