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  Mounts & Stands for iPad®
Music Mount for iPad® 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, and iPad Mini®
Rating 9
iPad Compatibility iPad 1 (original iPad) iPad 2 iPad ... more info
Music Mount for iPhone® and iPod®
Rating 9
Secure your iPhone® (5s and older) or iPod® to your music or microphone stand with this Music Mount from ... more info
  Guitar Stands
Classic Guitar Stand(Limit 10 per Customer)
Rating 9
Don't let your guitar go unprotected. Keep it upright and safe from scratches and dings with this Classic Guitar ... more info
Foldable A-Frame Guitar Stand
Rating 8
The problem with most guitar stands is that they are bulky and awkward to carry or pack. Save space, time, and hassles ... more info
Foldable Guitar Stand
Rating 6
Foldable Guitar Stand
Product ID: 602110
Protect your guitar from scratches and dings when traveling with this Foldable Guitar Stand from Monoprice! This ... more info
  Keyboard Stands
Double X-Frame Keyboard Stand
Rating 10
Setup your keyboard station quickly, easily, and with complete security using this Double X-Frame Keyboard Stand from ... more info
  Microphone Stands
Desktop Microphone Stand with Gooseneck & Solid Base
Rating 9
Conveniently place and move your microphone with this Desktop Microphone Stand from Monoprice! This desktop stand ... more info
Microphone Stand with Boom
Rating 8
Microphone Stand with Boom
Product ID: 602520
Whether you need a mic stand for the studio or for the stage, this Microphone Stand with Boom from Monoprice is the ... more info
Microphone Stand with Hand-Clutch & Solid Base
Rating 9
Seamlessly adjust the height of your microphone with this Microphone Stand with Hand-Clutch from Monoprice. This ... more info
Microphone Stand with Hand-Clutch & Telescopic Boom
Rating 5
Seamlessly adjust the height and positioning of your microphone with this Microphone Stand with Hand-Clutch and ... more info
  Sheet Music Stands
Folding Sheet Music Stand
Rating 8
Folding Sheet Music Stand
Product ID: 602400
Q: What's the best way to hold your sheet music when playing a musical instrument? Place it on a nearby table ... more info
Sheet Music Stand
Rating 9
Sheet Music Stand
Product ID: 602410
  This heavy-duty music stand features a perforated desk that measures 18.8" wide, 13.6" tall, and ... more info
  PA Speaker Mounts & Stands
PA Speaker Stands with Air Cushion (PAIR)
Rating 9
Keep your heavy performance speakers safe and in the proper position during performances with this pair of Air ... more info
  Stand Accessories
Dual-Screen Pop-Filter(Limit 10 per Customer)
Rating 9
Improve the sound of your vocal performance by using this Dual-Screen Pop Filter from Monoprice! A "pop" ... more info
Microphone Clip (30mm)
Rating 6
Microphone Clip (30mm)
Product ID: 602710
Keep your mic firmly in place on the stand, yet ready for easy removal at any time, with this 30mm Microphone Clip from ... more info
Screw Thread Adapter for Microphone Stand (5/8" male to 3/8" female)
Rating 10
While many things are different between Europe and the US, the difference between microphone stands can be vexing for ... more info
Universal Microphone Clip
Rating 8
Universal Microphone Clip
Product ID: 602700
This Universal Microphone Clip is designed to mount your handheld microphone. The spring-loaded clip allows the mic to ... more info
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