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USB Keyboards

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Deluxe Ultra-Slim Flexible Keyboard - Black
Rating 8
Finally a ruggedized keyboard which can withstand all kinds of abuse! This flexible keyboard is made of high quality ... more info
Deluxe Backlit Keyboard
Rating 8
Deluxe Backlit Keyboard
Product ID: 11795
You can type in the dark without making a mistake using this Deluxe Backlit Keyboard from Monoprice! This keyboard ... more info
K3 Chocolate Style USB Keyboard - Black
Rating 6
Make your PC feel like a Mac with this Chocolate Style Keyboard from Monoprice! A trademark of the Apple Mac ... more info
K9 USB Keyboard - Black
Rating 8
K9 USB Keyboard - Black
Product ID: 9277
Does your old keyboard have enough dirt and dust in it to qualify for Federal Disaster Relief? Don't bother ... more info