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    4-Port USB Car Charger, 9.6A Black
    Rating 10
    Charge up to four Apple iPads at full speed in your vehicle using this 4-port USB Car Charger from Monoprice! This ... more info
    2-Port USB Car Charger, 4.8A Black
    Rating 9
    Charge up to two Apple iPads at full speed in your vehicle using this 2-port USB Car Charger from Monoprice! This USB ... more info
    2 Port USB Car Charger 3.1A - Black
    Rating 7
    As our mobile devices have increased in capability, their battery and charging needs have also increased. Now you can ... more info
    Car Charger for all 30-pin iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod® 2.1A - Black
    Rating 9
    Simply plug this charger into your car's cigarette lighter socket and this small and light, travel ready charger ... more info
    Car Charger Multi-Socket With Light And USB Port 0.5mAh
    Rating 8
    --Provide 2 sockets, 1 USB port and LED light --Use your cigarette lighter plug to charge any devices that can rely on ... more info
    12VDC to 110VAC 100W Auto Power Invertor with Dual USB charger (2100mA)
    Rating 8
    Get 100 watts of 110 VAC household power from your car's auxiliary power outlet (cigarette lighter) using this ... more info
    Select Series Dual Port 3A USB-C/USB-A Car Charger
    Rating 9
    The Monoprice USB-C car charger packs 3 amps of charging power into a compact form ... more info
    Single Port 2.4A USB Car Charger
    Rating 9
    Monoprice's 2.4A USB Car Charger is all you need to enable your car to rapidly charge the latest Android™ and ... more info
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